In dedication of our ally the intelligent and honest Jew Benjamin H. Freedman

The world is close to a second phoney ‘terorrist attack’ like 911, followed by WW III and other major events. 911 is THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IN OUR TIME. It’s a trap that’s set. See it like this.

  1. 911, the trap is built
  2. NDAA, the trap is set
  3. Next false ‘terrorist’ attack, the trap shuts, martial law

I will explain

  1. What will happen
  2. Why it will happen
  3. How we can prevent it

I will explain the hidden powers behind the world scene crystal clear like nobody has ever done. WW I, WW II, Hitler, 911, mass immigration, all big events in our history are connected, just like first the Matrix and now Cloud Atlas are telling you without you understanding, but that will change. Everything is connected in a very simple way. Read this and you will understand everything. Soon, 100% guaranteed, there will be a 911 like event, a false ‘ terrorist’ attack.


Soon, end of 2012, beginning of 2013;

  1. economic crash triggered by the Fed.
  2. ‘terrorist’ attack at Hoover dam and or San Onofre power plant
  3. ‘meteorite’ and or ‘earthquake’ in California
  4. state of emergency declared, you can be arrested indefinitely without a trial
  5. muslims blamed, WW III instigated
  6. famine
  7. America attacked with nuclear weapons
  8. Zionist Jews/ rabbis instigate war between Israel, Iran, win with their beloved nuclear bombs, take Jeruzalem, rule the world. End of story.



“The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia …shall become a reality all over the world.” -this is the plan, I’m not saying it, THEY are.
The American Hebrew September 10, 1920


DETROIT CHRISTMAS 1930                               DETROIT CHRISTMAS 2011

911 is part of a process, to kill white Americans, – you thought there was something wrong? well you were right – I warn you as a bird warns the group or a deer, we are prey, like in communist Russia, WW I and WW II, this is real

READ THIS FIRST PAGE PLEASE BEFORE YOU START TO SCROLL –>Have you seen the Matrix? You thought it was about some young man that found his indepence from the rules of society, something like that? Wrong. It was about somebody, Neo, that a group of rabbis around 1896, yes you read it correctly, were afraid could be around during the time we live in now, the time that all their plans come to fruition, the takeover of the world, believe it or not it is real, look at how all the politicians are controlled through Aipac for example. I am Neo and so are others, become Neo too and stop the white genocide.

There are more that see through their plans but I have not met anyone who describes the whole picture like I do, and tells you what will happen in the near future. Soon, end 2012/ 2013 big things will happen, earthquakes started by man, phoney meteor, nuclear disasters and the run up to WW III.

The Matrix is the genius set of rules with which the Zionist Jews/ the rabbis are controlling us. Specifically I am not talking about the Jews, this site is not anti semetic, it’s even dedicated to a Jew. So, don’t react like a brainwashed pavlov dog, that’s exactly how they control you, brainwashing is one of the protocols of the Matrix.

dodoI wrote this because I care about the white race, the Chinese and the Japanese, yes all are targeted, so anyone who is white/ Chinese, Japanese and doesn’t take this information seriously but starts to go like ‘I don’t know’, ‘it’s impossible’, ‘I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings’, ‘I want to behave like a woman and not talk about reality when it hurts other people’, you get ex-act-ly what you deserve and soon.

Reading everything you will think much more positive about the white race, we never wanted WW I, II, Vietnam etc. but were manipulated and forced into wars. You will also think much less positive about our intelligence.


It’s a lot of text but they have done a lot of things throughout history. If you don’t understand this there’s a good chance of the rabbis taking over the entire US within months/ 2 years, and the EU, instigating WW III and killing 100’s of millions. Impossible?

Remember 911? Almost a distant irrelevant memory right? Very abstract with some plane and buildings, well it involved real people as you can see and it was terrible. This is all part of a process to take over the US and later the world. Sounds crazy? Well, the TSA is still here isn’t it? The NDAA and other laws that take your freedom after the state of emergency is called. Romney was still talking about ‘doing more against muslim extremism all over the world’ isn’t he? The US army is in all of these places all over the world where it shouldn’t be doing God knows what. The government debt is enormous, yes, this also is part of it. But that is only the beginning, soon ‘things will heat up’.


Again 911, I can not emphasize it enough. You have to understand 911. Let me make it extremely simple.

  1. 911, the trap is built
  2. NDAA, the trap is set
  3. Next false ‘terrorist’ attack, the trap shuts, martial law


cloud atlas

The Matrix was about a system that we don’t understand and that rules us. It was about Neo, meaning me and others that warn you. They like to put things in movies and cartoons. 911 was in the Matrix, see underneath, the date on Neo’s identity card is 9 11 2001. Cloud Atlas is also from the makers from the Matrix and everything tells me it’s about the second big fake terrorist attack that will trigger the NDAA, take our freedom, and start WW III.

neo passport

I already mentioned the San Onofre power plant in my analysis furhter on that I did earlier before I knew about Cloud Atlas. And what do I see in the back of the Cloud Atlas movie poster? The San Onofre power plant!! At 33 degree. The same degree where the first tests of the A-bomb where held. Neo’s identity card 9 11 2001, the movie being about the Matrix, now another movie that tells us that we’ re not in control of our lives and the San Onofre powerplant in the back of the movie poster. All ‘coincidence’. I don’t think so.

Cloud atlas is about

  • How everything is connected, this is true, mass immigration, Hitler, WW I, II and III, 911, women’s emancipation, politically correctness, the Fed. It’s all connected to destroy the white race.
  • It’s about events repeating in history. The french revolution, the Russian revolution, WW I, II, famine are all instigated/ organized. All were directed by the same people. So everything is connected and you are not in control, just like in the Matrix.
  • You are not in control unless you understand everything.

The twin towers where a male and a female tower, somebody found that out, I didn’t. The San Onofre power plant is made of two breasts, They use these sort of male and female symbolism for their rituals. IT COULD VERY WELL BE THAT THE BREASTS SYMBOLIZE A MOTHER THAT GIVES BIRTH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER. I find that highly likely, taking in account 911 and the way the people who did that think. So watch out, especially around the coming equinox, the allignment of the galaxy, that’s like a ‘new dawn’, an aurora, remember? The shooting in the aurora theatre. The name of the boat where the Russian revolution began was also Aurora. Coincidence? Please.. They tell it themselves ‘everything is connected’, in a very simple way, further on is a schedule, it’s all very simple and you will understand it.

The illustrated Sunday Herald of February 8 1920. Churchill about the Zionist Jews that took over Russia. RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT. This will happen to America if you don’t stop them. Very simple, ‘Cloud Atlas’, ‘everyhting is connected’. This means goulags/ fema camps and 100’s of millions white people killed!!

When you read this you need a different mindset, stay with the facts, not your emotions. The rabbis who are trying to take over the US and the EU are not like you or me. It’s very, very, very difficult to understand that people could do all these things that are described on this site. Many give reactions like ‘I would never do that’, ‘if I were to take over the US I wouldn’t do it like that’, ‘ It seems real but I can’t believe it’. Well, you know that there are people that kill others. You would also never do that and if somebody would explain about it you would be shocked and would not believe it. But it still happens, just like all the things described on this site.

So please keep this in mind while you read this site and try to stay with the facts and not your emotions. This is one of the most important weapons of the Matrix or the protocols of Zion, manipulate our emotions, especially our emotion of feeling guilty about everyting.

WW I cui bono? the Zionist Jews get Palestine

WW II cui bono? the Zionist Jews get the state of Israel



More and more people are questioning what we do in the Middle East all the time. Fighting war after war, toppling dictators or aiding ‘freedom fighters’. If you look at this map you will understand that it is another brilliant part of the plan of the rabbis.

Iran is encircled. Who is the agressor here?


The current leaders are the same, all Zionist Jews puppets. This already started with Truman, Roosevelt, the Fed etc.


Promoted by Jews for America but not for Israel!

  • double citizenship
  • mass immigration of Africans
  • honoring people of faith

You’ve heard of the double citizenship, Israeli’s can become Americans and keep their Isreali nationality. Have you ever heard of something so disgusting? Who are they loyal to? Why is this ever thought out? But most important of all, why can’t Americans be automaticly Israeli citizens when it’s such a good idea?If it’s so normal and such a good idea and you give this opportunity to Israeli’s the least they could do is return the favour, but no. Well, let’s be realistic, of course they don’t want this because no sane person would ever want this for their country, you can never be sure of the motives of these double citizens and yes, further on their real purpose is revealed.

“I am not an American citizen of Jewish faith. I am a Jew. I have been an American for sixty-three years, but I have been a Jew for 4000 years.” – Rabbi Stephen S. Wise (1933)

American day care center. There are since 2012 more brown and dark babies born in the US then white. Mass immigration. ‘America has always been a land of immigration’. Yes of mostly protestant Europeans that made it the most free and rich country in the world, that’s right, not a land of immigration of the whole third world. Oh no, you can’t say that! Yes, let’s be political correct, not tell the truth and be destroyed. Good idea, at least we didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings. If mass immigration is such a good idea then why doesn’t Israel do it?They promote it for the US through all their think tanks and politicians that vote for mass immigration but Israel you can only enter when you’re a jew. So the US has to let the whole third world in, Jews applaude this but they don’t do it themselves, that’s strange. Well. this explains it. Rabbi Rabinovich, January 12, 1952; ‘The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the  world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.’ Jewish daycare center.

RabbiYosef Schneersohn was the leader of the Lubavitch movement. Starting with Carter in 1978  Congress and the president have issued proclamations each year, declaring that Rabbi Schneerson’s birthday be observed as education and sharing day.  On March 25, 1983, on the occasion of his 80th birthday, Congress proclaimed Rabbi Schneerson’s birthday as “Education Day, USA,” and awarded him the National Scroll of Honor. After Schneerson’s death, a bill was introduced sponsored by Congressman Charles Schumer and cosponsored by Newt Gingrich to posthumously bestow upon Schneerson the Congressional Gold Medal.

Clinton spoke at the ceremony ‘The late Rebbe’s eminence as a moral leader for our country was recognized by every president since Nixon. For over two decades, the Rabbi’s movement now has some 2000 institutions; educational, social, medical, all across the globe. We recognize the profound role that Rabbi Schneerson had in the expansion of those institutions’.

W-O-W, really W-O-W. If all this honour would be given by Israel anybody would think this is logical but by a supposedly Christian country? Ever heard of a minister receiving all this honour in Israel? Or even the US itself!!

Again the honour goes one way. Just like double citizenship, just like mass immigration.

Supposedly what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander. I hope this makes you think, if this doesn’t what will?


In the EU it’s all mass immigration and political correctness, the political correctness is probably even extremer than in the US. Take for example this

israel destroying sweden

Jewish woman who set up an institute to promote multiculturalism in Sweden, youtube, jewish woman sweden. She says;

  • Europe must have mass immigration or it will perish
  • Europe must have multiculturalism or it will perish

So this woman comes all the way from the US to start up an institute in Sweden to brown it as much as she can. Of course she gets subsidies from the traitors at the EU aswell as from the Swedish government!! The idiot tax payers in Europe pay for their own extinction!! They also do in America but ok. Bluntly this woman is following the words from Rabbi Rabinovich from one of their many infamous congresses where he said on January 12 1952 ; ‘The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. So;



This is what Americans and Europeans live by now. You can better kill someone then be a racist. If you’re an anti-semite, that’s the worst, better kill your female neighbor, rape her and kill her cats then be an anti-semite. Ok, that’s how it is now.


You cannot immigrate to Israel if you’re not a Jew. It’s the most racist country on earth. So the Jews that we so fanatically protect while having nerve tics, so sensitive have they made the subject, are the biggest racists on the planet!! And racism is wrong. But we can’t criticize the Jews. This is the typical logic that always makes robot heads explode.

If that doesn’t prove you are in the Matrix and somebody is really screwing with your head leading you to your own destruction I don’t know what is.


Think like a 14 year old girl, in terms of ‘not to hurt anyone’s feelings’, ‘be kind to everyone’, ‘smile to everyone’ and you will be wiped away. You can NOT go through live on earth smiling at everyone and thinking everything will be ok. Not as long as there is evil on this planet and there  is evil. So, think, these are all FACTS, turn of your emotions. YOUCAN’T BE A RACIST? THEY ARE THE BIGGEST RACISTS ON EARTH!! GET REAL AND STOP LIVING IN A DREAMWORLD.

We are not religious anymore in general, the white race, the rabbis/ Zionist Jews are very religious. They study the bible, old testament, and teach and live by the Talmud, the Schulchan aruch, the Zorah, Khaballah, the book of Ruth and God knows what more books.

They live in a different spiritual world where they are Kings and we are animals.

  • “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.” (Talmud: Baba Mezia 114b)
  • “The Akum (Negro) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the dog more than the Akum.” (Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30)
  • “Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an
    animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form.” (Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855)
  • “A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal.” (Coschen Hamischpat 405)
  • “The souls of non-Jews come from impure spirits and are called pigs.” (Jalkut Rubeni gadol 12b)
  • “Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human.” (Schene
    Luchoth Haberith, p. 250b)

So that the Jew will never forget that he is dealing with animals, he is reminded by eating, by death, and even by sexual intercourse constantly. For The Talmud teaches:

  • “If you eat with a non-Jew, it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)
  • “Sexual intercoms between non-Jews is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)
  • “If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant of maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell to the Jew:
    God will replace your loss,’ just as if one of his oxen or asses had died.” (Jore Dea 377, 1)

It is written in the Talmud about the murder of the non-Jew:

  • “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a non-Jew.” (Sepher Ikkarim IIIc, 25)
  • “It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah (Talmud – Sanhedrin 59b). The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah (Talmud).” (Coschen Hamischpat 425, Hagah 425, 5)
  • “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jew), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” (Bammidber Raba, c 21 & Jalkut 772)

These laws of the Talmud were given to the Jews over 3000 years ago. They are just as valid today as they were back then. This is how the Jews are taught from childhood. The results of this stands before us. It is Jewish Ritual Murder.


Spot the difference. Everybody that believes in ‘change’ or that Obama is anything other than a puppet of the Zionis Jews is uninformed. Get informed, read on. There’s no difference between Bush jr. or Obama. But is there difference between Obama and Romney?


Romney has worked for more than 20 years for a Jewish investment company. It does not matter if you vote for Obama or Romney, both are a vote for the Zionist Jews. We can write a whole website about it, a book, one sentence is enough, it doesn’t matter.

They own about every politician, they don’t take any risks. Maybe Rick Perry would have been popular. Wouldn’t have mattered.


Yes, it’s very ‘bad’. The consequences will be incredible. To understand this you have to do some logical thinking. Everything the Zionis Jews/ Rabbis do is logical, that’s why they are so succesful. You really think all these men think ‘What shall we do today? Play golf or influence a politician to get some legislation through?’ Of course not, it’s all part of a plan to destroy the US and especially the white race.


The Illuminati that everyone is talking about are not real. The rabbis very cleverly made a card game called the illuminati where 911 is in, the attack on the Pentagon, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Saddam Hoessein, the protocols of Zion etc. etc. So people saw things that happened first in the card game, of course that made them think. Besides this they had musicians make all of these freemasons signs, triangle, one eye, devil sign. Also there’s a lot of these things in movies So these three things together made a super distraction.

And that’s the name of the illuminati card game ‘mutual distraction’, of course it’s a word joke on mutual destruction. They love word games and hidden messages.

But in the end it’s not a game, it’s an effective plan.


Because we have over a 100 times throughout history spoiled their plans where they wanted to takeover countries. The Jews were kicked out of Poland, Spain, France, England, Portugal, Italy, Russia, Romania etc. time after time. OVER 100 TIMES THEY WERE KICKED OUT OF COUNTRIES. YOU THINK OVER 100 TIMES IT WAS WITHOUT A REASON??!  Now with control over the US they are working on their best effort yet. Not only to takeover a country but to takeover the world. When we are gone they can finally do what they please.

They told it themselves on one of their many congresses. Rabbi Rabinovich, January 12, 1952; ‘The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory.

The white race is not much of a threat anymore but they don’t take chances. More and more people are waking up, understanding what’s going on, I did, you too I hope.


While the industrial base is the most important part of our prosperity. Isn’t that very, very stupid and dangerous?


Rabbi Rabinovich speech January 12th 1952; “Our interests in Washington are greatly extending the point four program (viz. COLOMBO PLAN) for developing industry in backward areas of the world, so that after the industrial plants and cities of Europe and America are destroyed by atomic warfare, the Whites can offer no resistance against the large masses of the dark races, this has later become the Chinese, who will maintain an unchallenged technological superiority.


The former, moving factories to China, is related to the middle class made poor. Factories and farming are the bases of prosperity, if you take one or both of them away there’s not much left. A factory needs workers, accountants, investors, clients, suppliers etc. etc. so it’s the bases of a modern prosperous rich society.

Did you know that American and European factories got subsidies to move their plants to China? It’s true, look it up, I give you facts not my opinion. It shows the enormous influence the rabbis have on our governments.

So, when the factories move away prosperity also goes, not immidiately but after a while it will perish. Guaranteed, sorry. We still haven’t gone there but just wait, again sorry, I don’t want it, I just tell you what’s going to happen.

Then you have a very big group of poor people, maybe 75% of the population, 20% probably ‘works’ with the government and 5% is rich to super rich.

And what do you have then? The same situation as in France and Russia and in Germany. Another trap is set, this time the trap of revolution. Only when most people are poor and a few are rich you can have a succesful revolution so that’s what they are ‘manufacturing’ in the US and Europe.

This fits in with ‘Cloud Atlas’, events in history repeat and you don’t have influence on them.

Ultimately they want two groups.

  1. the rich and the government
  2. the poor masses

So they

  1. can instigate revolution
  2. set up revolutionairy groups and get people to rally behind them
  3. then overthrow the old government
  4. and set up their own government.

This is what succesfully happened in Russia and France but failed in Germany. This is what they want for the US and the EU. This is what is meant with ‘order from chaos’ what is mentioned quite a lot everywhere.


So when you have a lot of money and you think nothing bad will happen to you, better think twice. In a way you will also get what you deserve because all the rich scientists, lawyers, medical doctors, entrepeneurs, artists etc. don’t pay any attention to all this, they only think of their job and money.

That’s fine in a world without evil but now with your political inactivity you are setting yourself up for your own destruction.

Of course this is all a result of the revolution of ’68 where everybody was ‘equal’ all of a sudden. So intelligent people, the elite, thought they were the same as the masses and the masses thought they were like the elite and the intelligent guidance was taken away from society. Just like prescribed in the protocols of Zion, more on this later.

later revolution

Revolution of  ’68, just another setup, just another trap set. Not so extreme as the other revolutions because there wasn’t such a big difference between rich and poor. The effects on the longer term are terrible anyway.


Let’s start with an example that everybody knows, WW II. I thought it was Hitler who was crazy who lead the Germans into war and the US and England were the good guys. If only it was like this fairytale. What I always wondered was why would all these Germans follow Hitler? Why were they not just working along, they were an industrial production country then just like now. Well, the answer was given to me by the jews themselves.

The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago printed in its issue of 8 October 1940: ‘When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this war is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.’

Then there is the Jew Benjamin H. Freedman, born 1890, principal owner of the Woodbury Soap Comany and an insider of the Jewish life in the US, familiar with all the temples, rabbis, friends with Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Kennedy and John F, Kennedy. If anybody ever knew something about the Jews in the US it was Freedman. He broke with all the Jewish organizations after 1945, no coincedence. He was intelligent, unfortunately a lot of Zionist Jews and rabbis are intelligent but Freedman also had a conscious, that’s rarer with the Jews. In a speech at the Willard hotel in Washington in 1961 he said;

‘The Zionist Jews have complete control over our government.’

‘There was absolutely no reason for World War I to be our war. We were railroaded into — if I can be vulgar, we were suckered into — that war merely so that the Zionists of the world could obtain Palestine. ‘ I’m not saying that, a Jewish person is!

‘Up to that time, the Jews had never been better off in any country in the world than they had been in Germany.’ – This is true, all the Jewish names like Fieldberg, Goldberg, Seinfeld, Tannenbaum, Einstein, Weinstein, Spielberg etc. are from German origin.

‘They’d been so nice to them: from 1905 on, when the first Jewish/Communist revolution in Russia failed, – communism is a Jewish invention – and the Jews had to scramble out of Russia, they all went to Germany. And Germany gave them refuge. And they were treated very nicely. And here they had sold Germany down the river for no reason at all other than the fact that they wanted Palestine as a so-called “Jewish commonwealth.”

 ‘And at that time, mind you, there were 80 to 90 million Germans, and there were only 460,000 Jews. About one half of one per cent of the population of Germany were Jews. And yet they controlled all the press, and they controlled most of the economy because they had come in with cheap money when the mark was devalued and bought up practically everything. The Jews tried to keep a lid on this fact. They didn’t want the world to really understand that they had sold out Germany.’

  • 460.000 jews on 80 million Germans
  • they controlled the press, the economy
  • sound familiar?
  • and this is explained by a Jew, not somebody who is against Jews without thinking

‘In 1933, when Germany refused to surrender to the world conference of Jews in Amsterdam, the conference broke up, and Mr. Samuel Untermyer, who was the president of the whole conference, made a radio broadcast throughout the United States in which he in effect said, “The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them. That will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.” – Sound familiar? Now it’s Iran’s turn to get a boycott.

‘Naturally, the Germans said, “Who are these people to declare a boycott against us and throw all our people out of work, and make our industries come to a standstill? Who are they to do that to us?” They naturally resented it. Certainly they painted swastikas on stores owned by Jews. Why should a German go in and give his money to a storekeeper who was part of a boycott that was going to starve Germany into surrendering to the Jews of the world, who were going to dictate who their premier or chancellor was to be?’ – So the Jews wanted to decide who would be the leader of Germany. Sounds familiar?

‘In November 1933 the United States recognized the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was becoming very powerful, and Germany realized that “Our turn was going to come soon, unless we are strong.” So they built up their Defense. Defense against whom? Defense against 40,000 little Jews in Moscow that took over Russia, and then, in their devious ways, took over control of many other countries of the world.’ – A brainwashed person would immidiately shout ‘THAT’S ANTISEMETIC!!’ but these are all the words of a Jew.

‘What do we face now? If we trigger a world war that may develop into a nuclear war, humanity is finished. Why might such a war take place? It will take place as the curtain goes up on Act 3: Act 1 was World War I, Act 2 was World War II, Act 3 is going to be World War III. The Jews of the world, the Zionists and their co-religionists everywhere, are determined that they are going to again use the United States to help them permanently retain Palestine as their foothold for their world government. That is just as true as I am standing here. I’M NOT SAYING THIS, A JEW IS, IT SHOULD MAKE PERFECT SENSE TO ANY INTELLIGENT PERSON. Not alone have I read it, but many here have also read it, and it is known all over the world.’ – So, this honourable and intelligent Jew insider with a conscious already in 1961 talks about WW III and the Zionist Jews wanting to have Palestine totally and permanently to rule the world from. And what do we face today?

I erge you to read the whole speech of the intelligent and honest Freedman. Google Benjamin Freedman speech Willard hotel Iamthewitness


The Khazarians were a people that had their hayday roughly from 1000 AD until 1800 fighting wars for Kings and emperors in the region between Russia and Europe/ Azia. Because of their central location they acquired reasonable wealth but their main business was fighting wars for others.

They were very good at what they did but even so, the kings and emperors that hired them were so disgusted with what they did, killing anyone in the most cruel way without ever showing any mercy, that they did not want to hire them anymore. Imagine that, you are a king, you desparately want to defend your kingdom, you know who can do this for you but you don’t want to hire them because they disgust you so much. Pretty noble I must say.

Without any doubt these Khazarians must have been extreme psychopaths.

They later got into trouble with Russia and their wealth and numbers declined. In the end they decided they needed to organize and adopt a religion. They chose Judaism and pretended to be Jews.

This explains

  • why the Jews got into high gear around 1896, all of a sudden wanting a worldwide empire instead of just profiting from countries
  • why after the ‘Russian’ revolution, that was Jewish, there was such an incredible killing
  • and names like Chertoff, Kazov, all these names ending on ov and off are of Jewish Russian descent, like Davidoff.

Some go so far as to call everything that the Zionist Jews do a ‘KHAZARIAN CONSPIRACY’. Maybe they’re right, I don’t know.


“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own.” – Maurice Samuel ‘You Gentiles’, P. l55 Harcourt, Brace. 1924

“You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest great war, but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.” – Marclis Eli Ravage, Century Magazine February, 1926

“We Jews, who have posed as Saviors of the World, we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.” – Oscar Levy

“The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of nations – a greater Judaism in fact – all the separate races and religions shall disappear.” – The Jewish World February 9, 1883

“I am not an American citizen of Jewish faith. I am a Jew. I have been an American for sixty-three years, but I have been a Jew for 4000 years.” – Rabbi Stephen S. Wise (1933)

“Anti-Semitism is so instinctive that it may quite simply be called one of the primal instincts of mankind, one of the important instincts by which the race helps to preserve itself against total destruction. I cannot emphasize the matter too strongly. Anti-Semitism is not, as Jews have tried to make the world believe, an active prejudice. It is a deeply hidden instinct with which every man is born. He remains unconscious of it, as of all other instincts of self preservation, until something happens to awaken it. Just as when something flies in the direction of your eyes, the eyelids close instantly and of their own accord. So swiftly and surely is the instinct of anti-Semitism awakened in a man…there is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fury of their persecutors.” (Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, (1934), p. 64)

“The Jews are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Some physicians of large experience among the Jews have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical.” (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX, (1905), p. 225).

“The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia …shall become a reality all over the world.”
The American Hebrew September 10, 1920

“White people are the cancer of humanity” Susan Sontag, jew.

 “The best among the Gentiles deserve to be killed.” Talmud, Rabbi Simeon ben-Yohai.

Our history is changed, especially the history around WW II, Hitler and the Nazi’s. Like Benjamin Freedman said the whole thing started with the rabbis in 1905 attempting a revolution and failing, then they had to escape and they chose Germany which foolishly let them in. This explains all the names of the Jews like Fieldman, Spielberg, Einstein, Zweistein, Goldman, Goldfield, Roosevelt, Seinfelt, Weishaus etc. Germany was the first choice for Jewish Russian ‘refugees’ so most of the Jews in the US now have German sounding names, if they have not changed them to English ones like they changed their Russian names to German ones.

Living in Germany they started to take over the banks like they did in Russia, they also provoked an economic downturn, sound familiar?, and instigated a revolution in 1918 just like in Russia in 1917. However, the Germans fought back because then there was still enough free press, unlike now, to report about Jewish atrocities in communist Russia.

 The Jews didn’t like to loose and in 1933 started an economic boycott against Germany, sound familiar? Decreted by one of the many Jewish congresses.

Also from 1933 the Zionist Jews/ rabbis financed Hitler with three deliveries of large cash amounts. Apparently Hitler worked with them to destroy Germany or they had the whole thing with the camps and the development of the nuclear bombs planned and figured Germany/ Hitler would never win a war when the US would get involved. I think the latter.

In 1939 Germany invaded Poland to liberate the Germans who were suffering under the communist regime. England declared war. The US was later dragged into the war.

Germany lost and Freedman was devastated, he cut all ties with the Jews in the US. This also tells you something about the Jewish community. The Jew Eisenhower killed 1.7 million German pow soldiers.  The Zionist Jews bought up all the history publishing companies and rewrote history. No boycott of the Jews mentioned, no failed Rabbi Revolution from 1905, no Germany as refuge country for the Jews, only 1. the Germans are evil 2. Hitler was evil 3. the Jews are victims. Germans evil, Hitler evil, Jews victims, Germans evil, Hitler evil, Jews victims, for almost 70 years now that is the only thing we learn, Germans evil, Hitler evil, Jews victims. National Geographic brainwashes us almost every day with it. More about brainwashing a little further. Also more about this card further on.

Notice how every major event in the first half 20th century is about the Jews. Just like now. Aren’t the similarities eerie? The boycott of Germany in 1933, the boycott of Iran now. The anti muslim sentiment that is lit with false flag attacks, see later on. The turning around of everything, making the victim seem like the agressor!



hitler jewHitler’s grandmother worked with the Rothschilds. during this time she got pregnant and got a son that behaved very different from the rest of the family. He had a grand posture and was very intellegent. The OSS, American Secret Service, during WW II thought it was highly likely that this son, Alois Hitler, was an illigitimate child of the Rotschild.

This would also explain the a-typical behaviour of his two sons, Alois Junior and Adolf. A neighbour and friend of Hitler, Reinhold Hanisch, often joked to Hitler that he must be of Jewish blood because such a dark and strong beard rarely grows on a Christian chin’. Well, even without the beard Hitler looks very Jewish of course.

Then this would make Adolf Hitler 1/4 Jew, just like Lenin.

In the bible it says ‘by their deeds you shall know them’. Instead of by only talk which means nothing. When we listen to speeches of Hitler, not the crazy ones that National Geographic brainwashes you with, but the calm ones that he gave for parliament for example, he says very logical things that make sense. Like ‘we have to have a strong industrial base and work hard and not think that financial speculation can build wealth for a country like the Jews and Freemasons are occupied with, they only profit from the hard work of others’. These are almost his literal words, some speeches are on youtube.

So it seems like he had the best intentions with the Germans, telling them the truth but his actions spoke differently. First he started a war with the East to liberate Germans from comunism, nothing wrong with that. But then he started a war in Africa and had to fight Russia in the winter and stubbernly stayed there. His generals were so appoled by these suicide tactics that they tried to kill him, several times.

Talking about killing, in 1934 the Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss ordered a thorough investigation into the Hitler family. It was rumoured the results of the investigation would shed a very new and bad light on Hitler. A few weeks later the Nazi’s kill Dollfuss, covering it up with some talk about a ‘putsch’, a takeover of the government, which failed, because that was just a cover up.

So, Hiterl’s words made sense, his actions were destroying Germany. This is typical Zionist Jew behaviour and if we look at the other Zionist Jew connection next to Hitler being a Rothschild, he received three payments from Zionist Jews in America. The money was physically delivered by the same man who was later killed. There’s a book written about this, I don’t know the title.

So we have;

  • Alois, Hitler”s father, being born while his mother worked with the Rothschilds
  • Alois and his sons behaving very different from the Austrian peasant environment
  • the godfather of Hitler was a Jew, why would Alois choose a Jews as a godfather?
  • Hitler received three big payments from Zionist Jews
  • Hitler was investigated by a very influential man but before he could come out with his findings he is killed by the Nazi’s
  • Hitler’s actions were wrecking the country and the army
  • His generals wanted to kill him because his actions were irresponsible
  • About 50.000 Jews fought in Hitler’s army, his cook was a Jew, his lawyer was a half Jew
  • Many people believe his anti-semitism was fake

Logically there can only be 1 conclusion, Hitler was a Zionist Jew and almost succeeded in destroying Germany. Just like Lenin, who was also a quarter Jew, almost succeeded in destroying Russia, terrible.

Also remember the Protocols of Zion. USE ANTI-SEMITISM AS AN INSTRUMENT. So, they funded Hitler, pretended to be anti-semites, almost destroyed Germany, killed millions of whites Christians and rounded up the Jews in camps who later wanted to live in the desert in Palestine where before that nobody was really enthousiastic of coming to Palestine. Boom. Real history.

the trick with the camps

So the common Jews who are not Zionist, Rabbis or Rothschild are manipulated too!! I told you, all this information is NOT anti semitic.

Roosevelt and Hitler both came to power in 1933. What did Roosevelt do? Close the border for Jews. While before that they could immigrate easily and Roosevelt, Rosenfelt, field of Roses in German, was a Jew.

Does this make sense to you? Only when he wanted to achieve something with this action, like preventing Jews moving from Germany and filling up the camps for Palestine, would this make sense.

And the Nazi’s were over the top with their stupid uniforms, the gestapo and SS. It’s a typical Zionist Jew strategy, make a scam so big that all the idiots fall for it, make it subtle and they might see something’s wrong. Make it extremely big and over the top everybody falls for it.

Hitler was an actor for the Jews. Sounds familiar? What will happen to the country that now has an actor for the Jews as his president?


This is very important because if you find out things about people, organizations, your government etc. there is not a piece of paper at the end of your research saying ‘congratulations, you found everyhting out, it’s like this and this’. On the contrary, what people tell and write are often very different things from what they do.  So, you have to draw conclusions based on what people do, not what they say.

It’s the same in court, psychopath murderers will lie time after time and very, very convincing. That’s why we have courts that base their convictions on evidence. The results of their deeds.

By their deeds you shall know them.

Hitler said a lot of reasonable things, he was very intelligent. But what was the result of his deeds? A completely destroyed Germany with millions of people killed.

Obama, the ‘man of peace’. Look at his deeds. How many people were killed in the Middle East during his reign? By their deeds you shall know them.

The Fed pretends to ‘manage the economy’. But what’s really happening? The debt is rising and rising until this point where the Protocols of Zion tell to crash the economy. By their deeds you shall know them.

I started this journey with 911 and ended with the wisdom of the bible. And I come from a stupid family of idiots that fell for the ’68 revolution and where very left wing and did not read the bible or go to church. I knew nothing about the bible but it seems to warn us, guide us and  protect us from all the evil that’s coming towards us.

But we were talking about Hitler and the Germans.


To fall for all this over the top theatre.

  • First they see all the Zionist Jews/ communist killing in Russia
  • Then the Zionist Jews/ rabbis succeed for a few days to take over one of their most important regions, Bavaria, for a few days and rename it independent state of communist Germany
  • Then later the Jews boycott Germany after their 1933 congress in Amsterdam and famine breaks out

They must have been desparate. Exactly what the Zionist Jews/ rabbis wanted. Desperate people are easily fooled. Later on we will see all their scams together, all over the top, all aimed at taking over power and making money. They want this again, but now for YOU!



It seems impossible I know, but facts are facts. It happened in Germany, Russia and Armenia.

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Armenia
  • Ukraine

They were allowed to live in Russia, instead of being thankful they took over and killed more than 50 million innocent people. A lot of them fled to Germany, they were allowed to live there, have bussinesses. What do they do? Try to take over. They even succeeded for a while realizing the communist state of Bavaria but the Germans, who weren’t retarded at that point, fought back and won. Then the Jews instigated WW II and were able to kill millions of Germans but again not take over the country. Maybe they will succeed now with the EMS? In Armenia it was the same story, they could live there, do business, what do they do? Take over, kill more than 2 millon. With their favorite weapon, famine, just like in Russia, just like in Germany, just like in France to instigate revolution. They like to work with proven blueprints as I explained, revolution, famine, takeover government.

  • famine
  • revolution

Expect this for the US and EU soon if you can’t stop them.


Like dr. Phil always says ‘the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour’.This is especially true with extreme behaviour and the behaviour of the Zionist Jews is extreme.

(Mao’s China, potato famin Ireland I did not even research)

Kill 1. Now meant for the US and EU and again Russia. The Zionist Jews took over in Russia. You thought it was a ‘Russian’ revolution? Like Mr. Freedman explained, it was a Jewish revolution. There was a failed revolution in 1905 first that was totally initiated by the rabbis but it didn’t gain enough momentum. You probably don’t know hat Karl Marx and Trotski were jews, real names Moses Levy Mordecai, and Lev Davidovich Bronstein, Lenin was 1/4 Jewish, his grandfather was Srul Moishevich Blank, he had strong  jewish sympathies. More then 75% of the government were jews, acording to data furnished by the Soviet Press on 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State in 1918-1919: 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Lets, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian,1 0 Georgians, 2 Poles, 2 Finns, 1 Karaim, 457 JEWS,and all the heads of the murderers of the Cheka were jews. They started killing innocent small little farmers, godfearing naive people that worked the land by the millions, they killed and killed and killed, innocent children, men, women, grandfathers, grandmothers, more children, innocent toddlers, young boys, girls, and they killed and killed and killed, thousands, millions, tens of millions, now it is estimated 40 to 60 million people..


40 TO 60 MILLION PEOPLE STARVED OR STANDING IN LINE GETTING KILLED BY A SINGLE BULLET TO THE HEAD, YOU GET THAT?? Women, men, children, standing in line waiting for a bullet… you understand this?? maybe much more than 60 million.Their purpose was clearly to kill white Christians. See this heartbreaking vid on youtube, secret facts jews communism. THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT FOR the US and EU. Does the ‘game’ homefront mean anything to you? More on that later.

  • 1905 failed revolution of the rabbis
  • 1917 with the rabbis in the background they succeed with the Protocols of Zion
  • 457 of 556 important Bolshevik, communist, functionaries, Jews
  • Karl Marx, Trotski Jews, Lenin ¼ Jew
  • All the murderers leading the Cheka, Jews
  • All the commanders of the camps, Jews
  • An estimated 40-60 million killed

Kill the white race. I explained already why. Because the white race always

russian children

stopped them for the last thousands of years when they wanted to take over countries and later the world, until now, everybody seems totally childish and unknowing about this all. They did buy up all the companies that make the history books for schools so it’s all planned but we can find out the truth now with the help of the Internet.

Kill 2. Armenian genocide, ESTIMATED OVER 2 MILLION KILLED. Again, Zionist Jews. The ‘young turks’ where actually jewish, Rothschild wanted their oil. Also note how they used famine again, just like in Germany, France and Russia, expect this for the US and the EU too.

Kill 3. French revolution, 100.000’s killed. Robes Pierre himself. ‘We have the names of several of them, and it is clear that they were not British, or Germans, or Italians, or any other nationals, they were, of course, Jews’. The Jews themselves “Remember the French Revolution to which it was we who gave the name of ‘Great.’ The secrets of its preparation are well known to us for it was wholly the work of our hands.” Protocols of Zion.

“We were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words
‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.’ The stupid Gentile poll parrots flew
down from all sides on to these baits, and with them carried away the
well-being of the world.

The would-be-wise men of the Gentiles were so stupid that they
could not see that in nature there is no equality, and there cannot be
freedom ( phoneyfreedom as understood by Socialists and Communists).” Protocols of Zion.

Kill 4. Ukraine famine, aproximately 6 million white Christians died of an organized famine. Organized by the Jews in the Russian government.

jews killed in ukraine

Kill 5 WW I Churchill, jacobian jew, admiral at the time, sank the Lusitania and started WW I. The jews got Palestine. War isn’t glorious.

Kill 6 WW II the rabbis provoked WW II by instigating hate to Germans in America and pressing Germany in a corner so it would do something stupid by very serious economic boycotts. Sound familiar? The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago printed in its issue of 8 October 1940: ‘When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this war is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.’

What? War isn’t glamorous? What?

How can we be this stupid?

Kill 7. Dresden bombing. The bombing of a city with civilians, men, women and children with firebombs, over a 100.000 white men, women and children killed. The Zionist Jews/ rabbis are evil, if you don’t get it by now I hope you die by their hand in similair set ups that will come because you deserve it.

Kill 8. Atomic bomb on Japan? Opphenheimer’s zionist jewish project, loved to kill 100.000’s innocent people. Japan already surrendered, America just needed to accept with a little courtesy to safe the emperor’s face, he was seen as a god at that time, but no, instead of being polite for the sake of peace they wanted to test the atomic bomb and kill people like never before.

Japanese, you are in the same danger as the whites. This is real.

Kill 9. After WW II the Zionist Jews killed 1.700.000 German soldiers. Eisenhower changed their status from pow, protected by Geneve convention to a status of something like ‘nationless person’ and then starved them. EISENHOWER WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STARVING OF 1.7 GERMAN MEN AFTER THE WAR, UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF THIS

Kill 10. Mao’s China. Russia and China are so close, it was only a matter of time when the Chinese would be influenced by the Jewish communist system. Here you can see Mao with Jewish communist organizers, Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, Solomon Adler and Sidney Rittenberg. More than 20 million killed.


Mao was a mass murderer. He came up with this line that the US should take in consideration. The Europeans think that ‘the monopoly of violence belongs with the government’ so it’s not relevant for them.

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.”

Kill 11. Kennedy. Think like a detective. Rothschild vowed to kill Lincoln and the Czar of Russia because they prevented him from having a Zionist Jew controlled central bank, now they have it. Kennedy wanted to take the power of the Fed away by introductin silver Dollars, you cannot run up the debt with that so easily and perform the protocol of Zion ‘let the debt get so high that even the interest is impossible to pay’ followed by revolution and a takeover of the government.

KennedyWhat a ‘coincidence’ that a Jew was just at the right place to film the killing of Kennedy, Zapruder. What a ‘coincidence’ that the Rolling Stones sang about ‘who killed the Czar who killed Kennedy’, yes, the same group of people. What a ‘coincidence’ that Martin Gardner wrote a book about the ‘coincidences’ between the Lincoln and Kennedy murders, the theatre, warehouse, name of the car, number of letters in the murderers names etc., called ‘the magic numbers of dr. Matrix’. These are the games they like to play.

Kennedy warned ‘by the way’ about plans to takeover America. He also said ‘man should be free’. Talk about a warning!! He was one of the good guys.

Kill 12. Vietnam war, killed millions. Meant to trigger WW III, failed, some of their plans fail. Rabbi Rabinovich speech January 12th 1952; “Then on June 27, 1950, our Jewish American President Truman ordered air and naval units into action to enforce the U.N. order.

“Not achieving their full goals, they then instigated the overthrow of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem, Premier under Bao Dai, who deposed the monarch in 1955 and established a republic with himself as President. Diem used strong U.S. backing to create an authoritarian regime, which soon grew into a fullscale war, with Jewish pressure escalating U.S. involvement’.

Another proud moment for the US military, ‘defending’ the country. But rest assured, in the end the military’s ultimate goal is to destroy the US. Some justice there.

Kill 13. Iraqi children. Again, it’s always the same story, by calling a boycott on Iraq they prevented millions of children getting proper medical care and 100.000′ s died. The Jew Madeline Albright led the killing of children. Of course she wrote a book about the ‘ horror’  that the Jews went through in the 40’s in Europe. Remember, Satan or people who act in the way of Satan you could say, turns everything upside down. These ‘ people’, if you can call them  this, are monsters.

From an interview. ‘My youngest grandson is just studying for his bar mitzvah. We have been talking about the various Jewish traditions, the appreciation for history, for family, for humanity, for education. This year, Passover and Easter were around the same time, so I went to a Passover seder with one of my friends, Rabbi David Saperstein.’

Pretending to be a good person. A victim of course because all Jews are victims automatically through WW II. But what did she say about the 500.000 Iraqi children that died because of sanctions, their beloved ‘boycott weapon’? THEY WERE WORTH IT. This is a genuine monster. A monster in sheep clothes. A devil that turns everything around. A murderer pretending to be a victim.

WHY DO PEOPLE HATE AMERICA? Because they hate our freedom and liberty… right…albright the mass murderer

Kill 14. 911, killed about 2000. Mossad agents started filming the twin towers BEFORE the first plain hit and started cheering, got arrested, freed by reptile Chertoff. They did 911 to create a police state and kill you. Jews were arrested riding in the streets with truck bombs, one of them even with a plane flying in the twin towers on it, all on police tape, all official, all on youtube.

Kill 15. While we’re in the smaller numbers, Columbine shooting, staged to take your guns and kill you. Mark Taylor that survived the shooting saw another shooter, he’s on drugs in a mental institution held against his will by the government, look it up, all facts, fact, facts.

Kill 16. Aurora shooting, staged to take your guns and kill you. The ‘shooter’ apparently made a phone call and another person came in the theatre and started killing. Maybe you remember the interview? It’s also on youtube.


I’m not hating, discriminating or instigating, only others are allowed to do that. All I’m saying is if you give the power of your country to the Zionist Jews you are sick in your head, crazy. Why in heaven’s name take the risk??


Because a lot of them are psychopaths, the Zionist jews and the power behind them, the rabbis are psychopaths. The rabbis plan everything and their attitude in 1917 was the same as now because their genes are the same or worse, like fighter dogs that have too much inbreeding and become too agressive. Because of jews marrying jews, which is very important to them, they have all sorts of genetic diseases, deformed brains with smaller then normal areas for empathy is almost certainly one of them, it would explain a lot. Psychopats:

  1. have no feelings for other human beings, I read interviews where psychopaths said ‘I don’t have feelings for my children’.
  2. they are drawn to violence and killing, on Discovery channel a Mexican psychopath said ‘when I killed people I felt like superman, like I was flying, I felt extremely powerful’
  3. they are drawn to plotting and scheming, financially, politically, through organizing wars, think Wall Street, politics, militairy industrial complex.
  4. they want to rule the world, one psychopath said in an interview ‘I have a lot of fantasies where I rule the world’. Again, maybe this has to do with the Khazarian influence, who knows. Since the 1800’s drawings have been made with Zionist Jews as spiders or an octopus covering the world. Brainwashed people, wanting to die rather then say something bad about somebody else, always say ‘that’s antisemetic!!’. Well, who cares? It’s the truth. This side isn’t antisemetic by the way, it’s dedicated to a Jew!! 
  5. very good in sensing emotions with other people and manipulating these, this is exactly what the protocols of Zion are, a genius set of instructions on how to destroy the white race through it’s own emotions.
  6. they have no conscience
  7. some of them are very intelligent

All these things together make them extremely dangerous of course. What’s the specific problem with the jews? They are organized by the rabbis. In our societies one psychopath becomes a doctor, another a CEO of an insurance company, another manager, sports figure etc. and they never even meet. But with the jews the rabbis take advantage of the uncanning close jewish community to organize them so they become like some abstract blanket over society, connecting banks, business, entertainment industry. This all in accordance with the Protocols of Zion, one of the most genius pieces ever written.


Maybe you have heard of the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion, probably not. It is a set of rules thought up by genius rabbis, I have to admit, on how to takeover a society. They are genius because they are so simple and let us destroy ourselves.

  • Brainwash the people
  • Own the banks
  • Own the media
  • Use anti-Semitism as an instrument
  • Endorse democracy
  • Bribe politicians
  • Exchange the bible/ spiritualism for materialism
  • Distract the people with sports and entertainment
  • Make the debts so high that even the interest is impossible to pay
  • Crash the economy
  • Make people think ‘everybody’s equal’ to prepare them for revolution
  • instigate revolution
  • create a new government where we are the majority


They first used it in Russia in 1917 and it worked extremely well. Now they use it on you with some modern applications and small adjustments. However, the bases is the same. Use the emotions of the goy, cattle, against them so that they destroy themselves. It doesn’t get more genius than that. Some rules are ‘own the banks’, hey, Greenspan, Volcker, Bernanke, Geithner, Blankfein, all jews, must have worked. ‘Distract the cattle with entertainment and sports’, any doubt that that has worked? ‘Replace spiritualism/ the bible with materialism’, well, if anything was again a super success it’s this. ‘Brainwash the people’, jews are victims, don’t say anything about the jews, you know, ‘the holocaust’, another super, super success, they can do what they want, kill Americans through gamelike 911, Oklahoma bombing, Aurora shooting etc, kill Palestinians flatout but hey ‘the jews are victims, don’t say anything about the jews’. ‘Endorse democracy, bribe politicians’, can you spell A I P A C? Another super, super success, Aipac whores everywhere. ‘Make the debt of a country so high that even the interest is impossible to pay’, hey.. what a ‘coincedence’, the debt in America is incredible. ‘I always wondered why rational people would let the debt get so high’, well, now you know. It has connections to the last protocol that is meant to take a country over, crash the economy, instigate revolution, have the rich/ elite killed, get in the newly formed communist government and then kill as many whites as you can so that they will not get you out of power anymore.

Then the modern rabbis made some additions ‘change history’, you only learned ‘Hitler is bad, Hitler is bad, the jews are victims of the holocaust, Anne Frank is a young hero, Hitler is bad, the jews are victims etc. etc.’. You never learn that the communist jews in Poland terrorized the German inhabitants of Poland and that Hitler wanted to save them. You never learn about the economic boycott of the jews against Germany that put them on the brink of starvation because they exported machinery and imported food. You never learn that especially the jews were slavetraders. You never learn that the jew Rothschild vowed to kill Lincoln and the Czar of Russia, I’ll come back to that. Feminism, a modern adjustment to protocol ‘everybody’s equal’. Mass imigration.

Underneath you find the Jewish Matrix you live in. You think ‘The Matrix’ was a movie about a young man that didn’t want to be a corporate average guy and go his own way? Wrong. ‘The Matrix’ is symbolic for the Jewish Matrix that we live in, they control us through the banks, media, bribed politicians but also through concrete actions like 911, Columbine, even earthquakes. They put it in our face with ‘The Matrix’ but even more concrete with other things were they just tell us flat out what they will do, more about that later.



Maybe you understand that the Matrix is a lot about manipulating our emotions. One of the reasons they call us cattle, because a lot of times we don’t think but we act based on a feeling. Very convenient.

Guilt, fear, greed etc. are examples of these emotions. Fear will be important later. Now in peace time guilt is convenient to set us up for our own distruction.

Mass immigration, it’s mass suicide of the white race. From 2012 for the first time more dark children than white are born in the US. If you say anything about it you are a racist. Guilt makes you comply with white genocide.

But you are tricked again.

white slave children

We have to feel guilty about slavery. Right? But we were slaves too!! And also for cotton picking. That’s always what we have to feel guilty about, black people had to pick our cotton, boohoo, feel guilty. Well, of course it was wrong but we had to do it too!! So guilt, guilt, of course it’s good to feel guilty sometimes but to an extent. In this case guilt is used as an instrument to kill the white race in peace time. You doubt it? Why are there more black children born now than white children? What’s that going to lead to? The end of the white race.

white cotton picker 2

Only this  is kept out of the history books. Our history is changed, manipulated

white slave children picking cotton

in so many ways. WE, the white race,

  • were slaves
  • ended slavery

What’s to feel guilty about? NOTHING!

white cotton pickers 4

You are tricked in your own extinction.


So, we have the Matrix or the Protocols of Zion and now we come to something very special, something very important. The rabbis/ Zionist Jews are geniuses, I can not deny that. They have a rare intelligence where they are able to

  • think very abstract
  • have a helicopter view of a whole system, this can be society, man, the earth, anything
  • assess what are important aspects in the system
  • influence these aspects
  • see all the connections in the system
  • work to a goal

Seems simple when it is explained to you doesn’t it? In reality it’s pretty difficult. The problem is also that we as a white race have more super intelligent people that can focus on a specialty, medicine, computers, lenses for videocamera’s, lenses for microscopes, yes super specialists. That’s why we have this explosion in knowledge. You can be very proud of these creators. However, on this abstract more general overviewing intelligence we are lacking. I have this intelligence, I explain it, then it becomes easy to understand.

So, they have a goal, it was to takeover countries, now it’s to takeover the world. They have a method, they have an organizaton, a script and an ace in the hole. And they know it works and they stick to it.

Remember ‘Cloud Atlas’, eveything is connected? It is, in a very simple way once you understand. You can use this simple schedule for everything connected to the Zionist Jews.

  • The taking over of countries in the Middle East, it’s a way to isolate Iran and later take back Jeruzalem and rule the world from there, see ‘the goal’.
  • The bible out of our modern culture, sports and entertainment and materialism replace it, see the protocols of Zion.
  • Own the banks, see the protocols of Zion.
  • The Fed destroys America with debt, see the protocols of Zion.
  • The Fed holds press conferences, fools the public, fools congress with phoney information, see ‘the organization’.
  • Women are fooled into thinking a phoney job with the government is ‘work’. Children are abandoned, divorces are rampant, see the ‘modern additions’ to the Protocols of Zion.
  • Batman, the Matrix, Cloud Atlas, see the protocols of Zion, distract the public with sports and entertainment. In a very ironic way in these specific instances of course..
  • etc.

the organization of the rabbis


The ’68 revolution, that is still destroying our country in slowmotion, was also a revolution of women or was it? Was it a real ‘liberation’ or where the women manipualted by the Zionist Jews? Can a woman really do what a man can? Of course not. Women are not so smart and that doesn’t matter, men do men things, women women things, it’s not about ‘being better’, there is no better. It’s about one thing and one thing only, surviving together as a white race because we are in extreme danger. A woman is best when she has children, is beautiful and sweet. Not when she’s a bitch with some phony government job that dumps her children and the rabbis of course knew this.

Emancipation was just another ‘protocol’ or ‘code’ programming of our brains to achieve a goal. What goal? Well, they said it themselves at one of their congresses.

Who do you use to set the women up against men? Other women of course. THE AMERICAN WOMEN ARE BETRAYED, TOTALLY, LOOK, 

Famous ‘feminists’, Jew Andrea Dworkin, Jew Betty Friedan, Jew Eve Ensler, Jew Gloria Steinem, Jew Rosa Luxemburg, Jew Andrea Bronfman, Jew Bella Abzug, Jew Blu Greenberg, Jew Brenda Howard, Jew Arlene Raven, jew Buz Hahn, jew Betty Comden, jew Cathy Young, jew Clara Fox, Jew Elfriede Jelinek, Jew Ellen Willis, Jew Emily Mchlman, Jew Gertrude Stein, Jew Gloria Allred, Jew Grace Paley, Jew Hanne Blank, Jew Helen Cohen, Jew Jean Rothernberg, Jew Jennifer Miller, Jew Joyce Warshow, Jew Judy Bluhme, Jew Judy Cohen, Jew Kathy Pollitt, Jew Kitty Carlisle, Jew Lisa Goldberg, Jew Madeleine Stern, Jew Melton Florence, Jew Molly Orshansky, Jew Muriel Rukeyser, Jew Naomi Klein, Jew Nina Hartley, Jew Pamela Waechter, Jew Rachel Adler, Jew Ruth Ginsburg, Jew Ruth Morgenthau, Jew Ruth Segel, Jew Ruth Westheimer, Jew Sally Fox, Jew Sally Lilienthal, Jew Savina Teubal, Jew Shirley Broner, Jew Spencer Laszlo, Jew Susan Sontag, Jew Sylvia Siegel, Jew Tillie Olsen, Jew Trude Weiss-Rosmarin, Jew Wendy Wasserstein.

This is also a lesson in how widespread their operators are and how they influence us in ways we don’t understand, the Matrix. You want to give jews you know yourselve the benefit of the doubt and not ‘hurt their feelings’? Do, be a woman. Be manipulated by your guilt. You think a jew would do the same to you? Maybe 0,01% would. Remember 911. Thousands of jews were working in the twin towers, three were killed, three probably upright people who had nothing to do with all the plotting and scheming, thousands of jews did not show up for work. SO THOUSANDS OF DARK AND WHITE PEOPLE HAD JEWISH COWORKERS WHO KNEW BUT DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING!! EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT????!! EITHER YOU ARE RETARDED OR THIS TEACHES YOU SOMETHING!!!!


In 1919 with the revolution of 1917 a super success and already millions of men, women and children dead the rabbis had a meeting in Moscow. The killing, like with any revolution, had started with the rich. But this was only meant as a start and by 1919 the killing had long gone to the other parts of civilization, the middle and lower class. One rabbi remarked, looking at pictures of the dead and dying working class people ‘you stupid, stupid people, did you really think you were going to have what the rich people had by killing them.’ This is a warning to all the middle class and working class men and women who all of a sudden could also become college graduates in ‘communications’, ‘history’, ‘social science’ or some other fake shit study and then think you really achieved something when you then got a fake job with the government. This helps another protocol of Zion ‘get the debt so high that even the interest is impossible to pay’. Then when it’s really too high the economy collapses and they can instigate revolution.

Everybody’s equal meaning all these studies are very ‘valuable’

  • physics
  • math
  • chemistry
  • art history
  • poetry
  • cultural management
  • management of cultures
  • communication management
  • management of communication
  • etc.

Of course these studies are not equally valuable!! You are tricked. Art history, poetry etc. educate for phoney government jobs, they create big government and big debts, all leading to our DESTRUCTION. We are like the Russians of 1917 who believed in ‘everybody’s equal’ and if you don’t start to do some real thinking you will end up the same way.

One of the protocols of Zion is ‘everybody’s equal’. This gives big groups the idea that they have the same talents as the elites so they can be manipulated and used to exterminate the elite. Like with the French revolution and like with the Russian revolution. Russia was ready for revolution because there was a small group of very rich and the rest was poor, there was no middle class and no wealth for everybody. Now you understand why everything is done to end the middle class but in 1968 when there was a ‘cultural’ revolution there was still a very big middle class and a lot of wealth. So much wealth that an instant revolution could not take place, instead it became a ‘cultural’ revolution where men and women were ‘equal’. Just like in Russia in 1917 everybody was equal all of a sudden but it had no immediate consequences. However, the longterm effects are disastrous.

With everybody entitled to a college degree and a government job the government has grown to an incredible size and this has all been paid for with government debt which is now unsustainable. Remember protocol of Zion ‘make the debts so big that even the interest cannot be paid for’? Thank you 1968 revolution. If you don’t do anything this will happen to you too. It’s less than a hundred years ago!! Do you realize that? Our world has changed but not our emotions or the emotions of the Zionist Jews/ rabbis. RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT, this is what they want in the US and Europe. You are the same people as on this picture, only with modern clothes and a different attitude to life, you think something like this cannot happen anymore.


A lot of people tell me ‘this is not possible’, such a small group can not take over the US, the EU, the world. Well, it’s possible and they can, they did it before. Look how big Russia is, the biggest country on earth. Europe is nothing compared to Russia, France, England, Germany, would be small provinces of Russia.

So if they controlled the whole of Russia in 1917, the biggest country on earth, do you have any doubt they can control the US and the EU? Now, you know they bribe politicans. If they  control the president and 300 politicians they have more power than 300 million Americans because these 300 control the laws and government.

This is how they always control countries, through the top of the pyramid. Maybe that’s why they like the symbol so much? Who knows. ALL CHEKA OFFICERS WERE JEWS!!

If they controlled a Cheka platoon where the officer was a Jew then they controlled the whole platoon. What can a soldier do? Say he won’t shoot children? What will his fellow soldiers do? If he refuses an order they have to shoot him. Will they do it? Fear, doubts, self preservation, most soldiers will do nothing. Sad but true, this is how they control a lot of people with only a few at the top, the triangle is their organization for everything.

2012-11-19 13_03_07-Russian general on Vladimir Putin - YouTube - Adobe Flash Player

Also with the death camps, a Jew at the top. What can the rest do?

woman gulagMarai Tchebotareva, remember her, soon it could be you. She lost her children in the gulag. Fema camp, gulag camp. What’s the difference?

One of those could be your child in the near future. Look into their eyes. young boys starving

So if they could control the biggest country on earth in 1917 you’d better believe they can control the US and EU easily now. With the emphasis on easily, with modern technique, weapons, camps, IT, drones, satellites, no problem. There is no question, they can easily control, kill, do whatever they want.

The TSA, drones, militairy, CIA etc. just like in Russia it will be used against you. In Russia they were 100% innocent, at least the US killed millions of innocent people itself in Iran, Iraq, Vietnam with alle these phoney wars. If they take over the US there’s at least some sort of justice to it.


Bribe 300, control 300 million. You need so little people to control millions. This is real, it happened in Russia, it’s happening in the US and the EU now.

Why do you think there’s a pyramid with a freemason eye on the Dollar?


You really still believe this is a coincidence? You have to understand that our societies are ruled by a very small group at the top, if you control them you control the whole of society. This is important because if you want to do anything to prevent the coming takeover of the US and the EU you’d better do like the Jews and influence the people at the top!!

It says ‘Annuit Coeptis’ which means ‘God has favored our undertaking’. But what undertaking? The ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’, the ‘New Order through the ages’. I mean, the eye, the pyramid, you don’t get clearer Masonic signs. The New Order. And some people still keep denying all this like it’s normal to put all these creepy things on money. Just a coincidende, it’s normal. No, it’s not.


The revolution of 1968 has weakened the country by taking the brains of the elite, for example the founding fathers. out of the government/ public life. And it has made our government/ culture feminine. So now we, the West, don’t have intelligence , don’t have an honest, strong manly culture anymore, it’s all political correct lying to ‘not hurt somebody’s feelings’, really important, and our oldest enemy the rabbis/ Zionist Jews still consist purely of intelligent men with a manly culture that is more ruthless then we have ever been.

Women have estrogen and are naturally drawn to caring and sticking with a group, no matter what. And avoid conflicts at all costs. They are not fighters from nature. So, even situations that are totally out of control will not be resolved by women when this will leed to conflicts.

Men have testosteron and are capable of setting wrongs rights with conflicts but when we are brainwashed that we have to act like women, well, an enemy can continue until we are all dead. At least we didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings..

This is no contest, if we don’t change ourselves we will be terminated, erazed. Yes, the terminator and erazor movies don’t have these titles by coincedence.


Before reading, remember


The holocaust. Or should I say holy cause? Every time you say something about the holocaust people get spasms and react angry. The genius of the Jew. I can not put it any other way. Remember the protocols of Zion and ‘guilt’? It’s a very strong emotion of us gentiles and the rabbis knew exactly how to abuse it. Did you kill a Jew in the holocaust? No. Neither did I. Do you have to feel guilty? No, neither do I.

Is it important to know the truth about the holocaust? Yes because it’s an instrument in the hands of the Zionist Jews in their plan to take over the US and later the world. If the holocaust is a lie we need to know it, if it’s true we also need to know it of course. Let’s look at the facts.

Did you know holocaust is a Jewish word meaning ‘holy offering in fire?’ Probably not, coincedence, but it does not mean anything, however with the Jews you know by now there are always a lot of ‘coincedences’, too many in the end.

It gets worse. Did you know that there are hundreds of references to 6 million jews dying in Europe long before the ‘holocaust’? In the 1920’s jews in America tried to scam other jews of their money by proclaiming ‘6 million jews in Europe are dying, give money to save them!!’. Why is that? Is there a reason for this 6 million? Is there a reason for this name ‘holocaust’? Yes there is, there is a prophecy in their culture that says ‘you will return to your country minus 6 million’. That’s why they are obsessed with it. The 6 million is a total lie, it is impossible that in the years 1920, 1930, 1940 the Jews were always talking about 6 million Jews in danger in Europe and then the holocaust claims 6 million. IM-PO-SSI-BLE. Also note the amount of $35.000.000 needed in one ad, It’s all about money and power.

More proof that 6 million ‘gassed’ jews is a total lie. World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population — 15,319,359/ World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population — 15,713,638. If this was not the truth don’t you think millions of Jews, maybe even 6 million to make a joke like they do, would be outraged and would immidiately sue the World Almanac for printing lies and ‘hurting their feelings’? Anybody sued them? No. Not even one Jew. So we can assume this is the truth.

Gas chamber, electrocution and death penalty super specialist, unrivalled, Fred Leuchter,  investigated the ‘gas chambers’ at Auschwitz, he chopped of stone, if there were a million or more jews gassed in that concentration camp alone the stone should have a lot of evidence. He did lab tests and guess what? 0 sign of any gas, nothing. Furthermore the rooms were totally not designed for killing, there were windows, wooden crappy doors, it’s a joke. His conclusion? Nobody was gassed in Auschwitz. Notice on the pictures below the crappy environment. Should there not be some solid typical German quality old factory or so when 6 million were gassed there? Yes there should but there isn’t, it’s all a lie.


ANNE FRANK ‘s diary was suspected to be written by her dad because a young girl could not have written so well. This is about a fake diary by the way, not about an innocent girl that died which is very sad of course. We can agree on that. But it’s about forgery and manipulating us. Stay with the facts, not with your emotions. There was  trial in Germany in the eighties were the German FBI, Deutches Criminal Ambt, did forensic research of the original manuscripts. Later parts were written in ballpoint which was only produced for the general public after the war, the handwriting was exactly the same as the older parts. So it was concluded IN COURT that the later parts were not from Anne and were fake and because the handwriting of the earlier parts was exactly the same the whole thing is 100% fake!! As a matter of fact, Otto Frank, traded with the Germans.


otto frankDid you know that Otto Frank traded with the occupying German army? They only arrested him and threw him in a camp after he cheated them. The Netherlands Institute for War documentation has this line in one of her reports ‘Nevertheless, it is known that the Wehrmacht was among the clients, for in the reminiscences that Miep Gies published in 1989 in collaboration with Alison Leslie Gold the following passage appears: ‘Our representatives travelled all over the Netherlands and continued to bring back orders to the Prinsengracht. Some of those orders were placed by German army camps in the country’. W-O-W. really W-O-W.

Remember the lamp shades of human skin that were used in concentration camps? You also imagined these German soldiers sitting at tables in shady rooms with all these lamp shades? Well, as a matter a fact there has only been one standing lamp and it looks very ordinary. Look at these pictures of the Buchenwald camp, a lot of people there by the way.

Remember the medical experiments of Mengele? You also imagined a room with all these medical instruments, all these metal tables with people strapped on it, doctors everywhere in white coats. Well, that’s not exactly the truth, the truth is that there is only a table with crappy stuff on it and some very serious looking Jews behind it, that’s it. There’s also the ‘human skin’ lamp again.

Now look at this picture where BILLY WILDER directs a fake documentary about Buchenwald,  IT’S ALL A LIE. They are masters in human psychology. Yes, there were people in concentration camps and yes they died by the end of the war when there was no food left and they were very skinny and it all looked very sad. But nobody was gassed, nobody was experimented on, this is all a lie. And I don’t see anything here that is as sad as pictures of the 10’s of millions of Russians really dying. But no attention for that in history. Doesn’t that make you think?


And again, most important, no proof, there is not 1 picture, not 1 short movie, NOTHING, it’s all a story. Nothing more, there is no proof.


Chertoff in one sentence ‘We must forbid that anybody can say the government had anything to do with 911. Just like we should forbid that anybody speculates that the holocaust is not real’. What a ‘coincedence’ again. It’s all ‘coincedences’ and ‘coincedences’ with the Jews, poor people, someone might get the wrong impresson. Let’s quickly make a law against it, it will come if they succeed, don’t worry.

Look on youtube for ‘chertoff on 911 and holocaust’.


Above you see ‘code’, computer programming. In the Matrix Neo did not see the result of the code, the world that everyone could plainly see in front of them, he could see ‘behind’ obvious things and see the programming. This is a metaphor for our world. For example, you see politicians talking about ‘we need more foreigners because we have an aging population’, you know the Protocols of Zion and that the white race is the Zionist Jews biggest enemy and you now can see behind the obvious words and you see an objective of the Zionist Jews and you see a protocol with which they achieve this objective ‘bribe politicians’. So you can just as Neo see ‘the code’, the programming of the goy/ the cattle. The debt in America is incredible, it doesn’t have to be a problem by the way, we can have a new currency, however, this incredible debt can also be used to destroy the US. Instead of ‘thinking’ like a cow, or goyim how they refer to us, and watching the mainstream news that says ‘the government is doing everything to handle the debt’ you can now understand why this debt is so enormous and that it is used to takeover America, protocol of Zion ‘make the debt so big that even the interest is impossible to pay’, they own the Fed, it’s not like this is far fetched or anything, it’s totally realistic. You can be a real life Neo, as a matter of fact, when you understand this you already are.

So instead of thinking you are very smart and say ‘the Fed is so stupid, they create such a big debt and think that it will heal the economy’, the way they want you to think. You can now realize that these people are not stupid at all. Of course they realize that they destroy the economy, it’s their goal. You or I are not smarter then Greenspan, Bernanke etc. on the contrary.

And this goes of course for a lot of things, big government, strange little wars that our army is fighting, feminism etc. All the bad results are not because the people at the top are so stupid, it’s because they want this on purpose.


Rotschild ‘Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws’.

All these Jewish chairmen and Jewish employees at the Fed, what a ‘coincedence’. Of course it’s no coincedence, they are executing protocols of Zion ‘own the banks’ and ‘make the debt so big that even the interest is impossible to pay’. Society will collapse, revolution is instigated, the Zionist Jews take over.

I told you I would come back to some real history. Rothschild, the Jewish banker, vowed to kill Lincoln and the Czar. Why? Because our hero president Lincoln would not allow Rothschild to run a central bank in the US because it would take away freedom from the people. Look for such an attitude with today’s politicians.. During the civil war Rothschild wanted to destroy Lincoln and he had France sent soldiers to the US to fight on the other side. If these soldiers would set foot on American soil it would be over, Lincoln would lose the war. He asked the Czar of Russia to send ships to block the main harbour where the soldiers could be put on land, the Czar obliged, Lincoln won, the American people won. Rothschild was furious, later Lincoln was killed as was the Czar. A ‘coincidence’ that the Rolling Stones sang about ‘who killed the Czar who killed Kennedy’ because later Kennedy wanted to end the power of the fed by introducing silver Dollars. So these three people that opposed the fed all died, this gives you an idea how incredibly important the fed is for their plans!!

Besides plotting, scheming and killing, the Zionist Jews also like to do it with an ironic twist, like making the Matrix and really putting it in your face but you can’t see it. Another example is ‘eyes wide shut’, again they put it in your face, this time how their white co-plotters are manipulated to help them takeover the US, again it’s not understood. It’s also a perfect way to feel superior, they already feel superior, this only gives them the idea they are right. Here’s a Fed related example.

Left the first modern false flag attack on American soil, the Oklahoma building, on the right the same building on the Dollar. Uncanning similarity.

911 twin towers in the Dollar. The similarities are really amazing.

The building is collapsing to only dust in the end. Again stunning how these drawings made years before capture almost exactly what happened. This is planned very precise.

That was the past but what is still to happen?

Obviously this is a dam breaking. Maybe Hoover dam. It has a lot of freemason symbols with it, also there’s a large statue of an angel. The Zionist Jews use this sort of symbolism to fool gullible psychopaths like W. into helping them.

Then there is the last one until now, a building overflown. New York? Look at the detail, the image of the building in the water. It’s uncanning. When we are unable to stop them and they can continue with their plans you will be able to later put real pictures besides these and the match will again be surreal.

Rotschild ‘Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws’.


The Zionist Jews feel superior and I have to admit, in plotting and scheming they are superior to the white race, we are an inferior race when it comes to plotting and scheming, I admit it. Again like with feminism, you have to be able to get over your ego, face reality and stick together.

cohenThe Zionist Jews feel superior because they let us destroy ourselves through our emotions, they press our buttons through the Matrix and we destroy ourselves, too much lending, feminism, politicians get bribed because they only care about money etc. It’s easy for them to judge because most of them are psychopaths so they don’t have our emotions. It’s like a 6 feet basketball player making fun of everyone who’s smaller and not so athletic, ot IT guys always saying that nobody understands computers, it’s what nerds do.

However, they have some emotions, they have all their, I have to admit, genius plans but we, the goy, the cattle, don’t know it, we shouldn’t know it. But it’s like when you are in love or you are graduated or made a promotion etc., you want to tell people and the rabbis also want to tell but they can’t so they do it anyway but hidden, like in the Matrix but also in a lot of songs nowadays and in the past in a few songs, the most prominent and clear being ‘First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin’ by the Jew Leonard Cohen.


  1. 911, the trap is built
  2. NDAA, the trap is set
  3. Next false ‘terrorist’ attack, the trap shuts, martial law

The lyrics speak for themselves. ‘First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin’. First we take Manhattan means to take the United States by ‘taking’ Manhattan. Then we take Berlin means to take the European Union by the ESM, the European Stability Mechanism where mainly Germany has to put hundreds of Billions in a fund so that the freeloaders Italy, Spain and Greece can flounder this money and bankrupt the old Zionist Jews enemy Germany.

Then ‘capitalism’ is blamed what of course was no capitalism and the masses are directed against the rich/ elite like in France and in Russia and a communist regime is put in place with the Jews in control.


It’s so clear.

  • They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom. For trying to change the system from within.’ These are the double citizenship Zionist Jews that came all the way to the top in the US administration, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakeim etc. that prepared 911 from within.
  • ‘I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.’ The reward for 20 years of boring work in the system are 911 and the ESM.
  • ‘I’m guided by a signal in the heavens. I’m guided by this birthmark on my skin. I’m guided by the beauty of our weapons. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.’ Guided by a signal in the heaven is clear. There were big pods underneath the airplanes that hit the twin towers, some people said it were not regular planes with windows. They were obviously prepared planes to be guided. ‘Coincidentally’ major Rudolph Gulliani had an ’emergency operating room’ made in building 7 that collapsed in it’s own footprint. Guided system.. Operating room full of technical equipment.. Building conveniently collapsing.. You want the truth clear or crystal clear?
  • ‘Ah you loved me as a loser, but now you’re worried that I just might win. You know the way to stop me, but you don’t have the discipline. How many nights I prayed for this, to let my work begin. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.’ A loser meaning the time the Jews were in camps in Germany and America felt sorry and took them in and supported Israel. Now you’re worried that I just might win meaning worried that the Zionist Jews take over. They then probably thought more people would understand what was going on, their plans are going better then they could imagine.

He even admitted it in concerts and interviews.

  • This is a geopolitical plan. People have asked me what it means. It means exactly what it says.
  • But I want to tell you that even though your hospitality is profound it will not detour me from my appointed task which is to take Manhattan, then Berlin and several other cities…
  • Oh comrades you’re very kind and very warm but kind as you are and warm as you are, it will not deter me from my appointed task. Which is to take Manhattan and then Berlin and any other cities and do with them as I will.
  • I think it means exactly what it says. It is a terrorist song. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) There’s something about terrorism that I’ve always admired. The fact that there are no alibis or no compromises. That position is always very attractive.

Leonard Cohen in his clip of ‘first we take Manhattan then we take Berlin’. He makes a goodbye sign to the twin towers. How many ‘coincidences’ do you want?

leonard cohen twin towers



We have the Leonard Cohen song that foretells exactly what happened in real life, they took Manhattan, guided by a system, with the beauty of our weapons. Then they took Berlin through the ESM which is at this very moment destroying the heart of Europe, Germany, by taking it’s wealth and throwing it in the moneypits Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

On it’s own for me that would be enough, this can not be a ‘coincedence’, however, I understand that a lot of people want more proof, fortunately we have the Internet and youtube. On youtube are recorded live conversations of the police on 911. One of the protocols of Zion is ‘own the media’, so this information never made it into the mainstream media. Did you also notice by the way how the reporting on 911 and Aurora was first sincere from a lot of reporters and how that changed within an hour? This means not everybody working with ABC, NBC, CBS etc. is a traitor, maybe they will someday surprise us with honest reporting about real news instead of Zionist approved news.

At 9 11 2001 Jews were arrested with bomb trucks. The arrests were recorded and are on youtube. On the side of one of the bomb trucks, disguised as a moving van, was a drawing of a plane that flew into the twin towers. This can not be true can it? Meet the Zionist Jews sense of humour mixed with disgust for us, the cattle.

To the left part of a recorded police conversation that is on youtube. To the right an extract of page 20 of the Mineta Transportation Institute of San Jose California titled ”Saving City Lifelines:  Lessons Learned in the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks’. This is not some madeup story, this is real. This is the truck.

Also there is a police recording of a 911 call were an irritated person shouts at the operator ‘there are Palestinians in Sheikh clothes mixing bombs in trucks’. The operator of course replies with ‘what??’ and the response is even more irritated ‘Palestinians!! in Arabic clothes!!’. Again, it’s an official recording, again two and two still equals four.

Then the cherry on the cake. Before the planes hit the twin towers a group of young men set up a camera and started filming. When the first plane hit they started cheering. A woman saw the whole scene and called the police, they were arrested, it turned out they were Israeli Jews. Of course Chertoff had them released immediately. Later they were guests on a tv show in Israel, very nervous about choosing their words just right one mispoke, see underneath, the whole interview is on youtube, dancing israelis.

‘We were only there to document the events of that day’. Setting up the camera BEFORE the first plane hit and cheering after the first hit. 2 and 2?

But there’s more. Neils Harrit and eight other scientists found nanothermite in the rubble of ground zero. This explains why molten steel flowed from the towers before they collapsed.

What Niels Harrit, Phd in Chemistry university of Copenhagen, Master of sciense in chemistry Max Planck institute Germany, had to say about the twin towers collapsing. This will not be broadcasted on American television, remember the protocol of Zion ‘own the media’.

So, we have

cohenA Jew that sings about 911. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin, ‘guided by a system in the heavens’, ‘the beuaty of our weapons’. ‘It means exactly what it says, it’s a terrorist song’, Leonard Cohen.

larry silversteinA Jewish owner of the buildings that earns billions with the attack thanks to a double (!!) terrorist insurance months made a short time in advance of the attack.

truck-with-painting1Jewish Israeli’s arrested with bomb trucks.

we were only there to film the eventJewish Israeli’s arrested that were filming the twin towers before the first plane hit.

What does that mean to somebody who has an iq over 50?


Just like the first 911 this coming fake terrorist attack is also in a movie, Cloud Atlas. From the makers of ‘the Matrix’, what a ‘coincidence’, of course it’s no coincedence.

STEP 1. 911 was meant to get laws in place that can take your freedom in ’emergency’ situations, like a new terror attack, or a big  ‘natural’ disaster.

STEP 2. The NDAA is one of these new laws, meant to ‘protect’ you, where protecting means killing.

STEP 3. The next big false ‘terrorist’ attack or big ‘natural’ disaster, or a combination, will trigger the NDAA and the government will be able to do anything with you what they want.

meteorite strikeWhat could be the new big thing to trigger the NDAA? It could be a ‘terrorist’ attack on the Hoover dam. It could also be a fake meteorite. Why? Because they follow their own plans to do things but also the bible. It could be that they will use 

revelation 18.21 And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.

This could be a meteorite of course and in the illuminati card game is a card with a meteorite.

overflown buildings

Then there’s the Dollar with the water flowing over the buildings. This could be michiothe tsunami that follows the meteorite falling in the sea. In reality it will be nuclear bombs. Expect Nasa to start with news about a meteor soon where they will carefully build up the suspence, emotions. Of course Michio Kaku will appear on tv and confirm it all from a ‘scientific’ standpoint.

Then we have the San Onofre power plant that is on the

san onofre second

movieposter of Cloud Atlas. We have to take this very serious because

  • 911 was in the Matrix and this is from the same makers
  • the Matrix was about us being manipulated, this is about everything being connected, which it is through their actions, and it is about
  • history repeating itself, the French revolution, the Russian revolution, WW I, the same as WW II and the coming WW III, all organized by them in the same way through history, by manipulating our stupid emotions through the genius protocols of Zion

bank of america

Also there’s the mural in the Bank of America, it has a pyramid on it, one of their favorite symbols, and a meteor that flies through a women’s breast. San Onofre? Wow. We know they control the Fed, our money, if you control the Fed you control Bank of America. We know they like murals, remember the 911 van with the plane and the twin towers? We know the San Onofre power plant is shaped like two boobie, we know it’s on the 33rd degree, just like the first atomic bomb test side, code name ‘trinity’. They like to play all these games so this could very, very well be their plan.

Then soon there will be a meteorite striking near the San Onofre power plant. How this plays out with the appartment buildings being overflown I don’t know. If nobody stops them we will soon see.


The Zionist Jews/ rabbis like to keep things simple and stick to what works. That’s why they are succesfull. Outlandish conspiracy theories are not right, this is true. They have a simple plan and it works.

Global warming is one of the corner stones of their takeover. It draws money away from governments and burdens the economey with taxes. And one of the goals is to make the West poor and trigger revolution. The ESM in Europe, the ‘guarantee’ fund that has to ‘save’ southern Europe, serves this purpose and so does the global warming scam.

The MET office in England published scientific research on 13 October 2012 that proves without a doubt that, what you already suspected if you looked at the weather, global warming doesn’t exist.

It’s just a way to drain money from the Western economies and create poverty. Also take a look at that rat Al Gore in the script that is our lives, the illuminati card game. The game that never lies.


W. aka ‘the jackpot’. Nobody has done more for the Zionist Jews than Bush jr. He made 911 possible and that is one of the keys in taking over the US and later the world. But how do the Jews think about this traitor?

The Zionist Jews have no feelings like you and me, however, they do know what is courage and honour. They despise traitors and made fun of Bush in ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘I pet goat II’. In the extensions of the ‘Game of Thrones’ dvd they were actually giggling and laughing about Bush.


This brings us to their accomplices which are really important. Remember that the rabbis are geniuses in human psychology, they understand all our emotions and instincts. They know that about 3% of the population is a psychopath and wants to kill and plot, just like them. They also know that others do anything for money. So they bribe the second group but the first group can be of more use because they really want to do all this exciting stuff for themselves.

That’s why the freemasons were established. A group that in the higher ranks worships the devil. Crazy you think. Well, millions of people worship God, God is good so that makes sense you might think. But what if you are not good but you are drawn to violence, killing, plotting and scheming? Then you don’t feel drawn to worshipping good but to worshipping the opposite, evil, and that’s what they do. Not so far fetched. Remember, don’t think like yourself ‘I wouldn’t do that’, ‘that’s crazy’, think like a psychopath.

However, the Zionist Jews/ rabbis think we are cattle, they say it themselves. If you help them you really think that will play out well for you in the end when they have the power??

  • “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.” (Talmud: Baba Mezia 114b)
  • “The Akum (Negro) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the dog more than the Akum.” (Ereget Raschi Erod. 22
  • “Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an
    animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form.” (Midrasch Talpioth, p. 255, Warsaw 1855)
  • “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a non-Jew.” (Sepher Ikkarim IIIc, 25)
  • “It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah (Talmud – Sanhedrin 59b). The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah (Talmud).” (Coschen Hamischpat 425, Hagah 425, 5)
  • “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jew), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” (Bammidber Raba, c 21 & Jalkut 772)


Again, it’s not about you or me, what we would do. THEY have all these ideas about the devil and hell. They also like symbols and numbers, especially the number 11, it’s their favorite number. It’s supposed to stand for the rebellion against God. Then 27 is important, what a ‘coincidence’ that all these superstars die at 27. All those people are an offering, anybody that dies in an organized event at a special day with 11, 33 or a multiple is an offer to Satan. Like 911, 311, black september at the Olympics etc. There are many more but not so well known in Pakistan, Iraq, Iran etc.

Well, it should be no surprise.

  • “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jew), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” (Bammidber Raba, c 21 & Jalkut 772)

Penn and Teller are other examples of Satanists. Of course Teller is a Jew and many Jews hate Jesus. You think this is not true? Well, it is, study it before you have an opinion. The Internet is full of movies, clips and text were Jews say they hate Jesus. Why? Supposedly because Jesus was trying to get Jews away from Judaism and because Jesus is the prophet of the Christians and the Jews want their own prophet, who still has to come according to most of them.

Remeber the protocols of Zion? Get the bible/ spiritualism out of society. Well, the one thing Penn and Teller do is promoting atheism, very fanatically. They are in on this. Penn Jilette gives Satanic handsigns all the time but they really showed their hand without any doubt when making fun of the crucifixion, see picture underneath. The audience walked away in disgust, that’s no surprise, it’s really disgusting. Look it up, it’s all real only not reported in the mainstream media. Because of protocol of Zion ‘own the media’. It’s also interesting that Penn Jilette is a Satanist and doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol. He gave this lame explanation that ‘he’s not himself when he has fun being drunk’ and ‘I don’t need alcohol to have fun’. The Satanists are psychopaths but sometimes nerds like Penn. You might think it’s a contradiction, somebody who doesn’t like to party and doesn’t drink alcohol a Satanist. But that’s not true.The devil doesn’t like sin, what you might think, he tricks people into sinning and then takes their soul and they are banned from heaven. Whether you believe in heaven or hell doesn’t matter, they believe in it and/ or play their sociopath games accordingly.

Doing things with number 33 is also one of their favorites because it’s the highest degree of freemasonry. This is an example of how they use these numbers in real live events.

Harry S. Truman. As the 33rd President, this 33rd degree Mason initiated the Nuclear Age, the crowning success of alchemy, when the first A-bomb exploded at the 33 Parallel Trinity (HEY!!) Test Site, (Almagordo) White Sands, New Mexico. He was responsible for killing of thousands of Japanese (the Yellow Peril) at two cities close to the 33rd Parallel, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Speech of Bush sr. On September 11, 1990, President George Bush (Sr.) delivered a speech to the Congress entitled, “Moving Toward A New World Order”. Precisely 11 years to the day after President Bush delivered this speech praising the New World Order, and declaring it to be an inevitable fact, a mighty blow was struck to move the world finally into this global world system, 911 happened. Another ‘coincidence’.

The Olympics also have a special place in their hearts and minds. It’s a tribute to Apollo, Apolyon or otherwise known as Satan. Doesn’t matter if you believe it, they do. During the 2008 Olympics at the end ceremony there was a show with an English bus, well, the 2012 were in London, so nothing strange there. However, during the show the roof went of the bus, strange but nobody thought anything of it. Until many people connected the dots between a ‘terrorist’ attack in London on a bus and this ceremony. The ‘terrorist’ attack is of course meant to be a small part in the end goal, instigating WW III between the Muslims and the West.

bus olympic ritual

bus preparedIn this picture you can see better how the bus was prepared for this special effect after the explosion, see the part that was sawn and prepared. Would a real terrorist do this? Of course not. Also notice on the side ‘outright terror bold and brilliant’ (!!) W-O-W.

bus attackThis seems like interesting detective work but remeber, real people were killed, just like on 911 and just like on 311 in Japan. Could you hurt or kill this mother and child? I couldn’t. It’s terrible, our whole world is terrible for a small part. But this small part wants to take over the world and become the dominant part. Imagine what a hell on earth that will be. More about hell on earth later.

Who are in this club? Who knows but they are important. And they are real. Take a look at this Bilderberg excerpt. Later under ‘all their plans revealed’ think about what Kissinger said.


These are killings to ‘please Satan’ so he helps them with their plans. I put it between apostrophes because I don’t know if the Zionist Jews/ rabbis really believe this or that it is just a sceme to fool gullible white traitors like George W. Bush for example. Who, believe it or not, performed a Satanic ritual during the time the first plane hit into the twin towers. You can look up the video on youtube, there can be no doubt. The whole of 911 was a ritual were the twin towers symbolized two candles.

With the above olympics first there was a ritual performed to ask Satan for his blessing. Then they really killed and that was the offering itself. So it would be interesting to look at the 2012 Olympics, a ritual to ask for the blessing of Satan to takeover the world.

Sometimes an offering is just made, like with the talented violinist Mihaela Ursuleasa who was killed during the Olympics. She was 33, highest degree mason, and supposedly found at 11.00 AM. What a ‘coincidence’. She leaves a five year old daughter, but that’s just a nice bonus, the heartbreak of this girl and of the mother of Mihaela. You have to realize what you’re dealing with, Jezus is love, whether you believe he existed or not. The anti-christ means doing everything opposite to Jezus, so instead of loving/ caring for your fellow man it’s best to kill him. Instead of bringing joy you should bring pain and sorrow.

This is real. Whether you believe in it or I, doesn’t matter, they do or at least some of them and they act by it.

Kissinger, on Bilderberg, talking about a situation where the Americans will welcome the UN, more on this later.

The San Onofre power plant is also on the 33rd degree parallel by the way. And yes, it’s turned of f I think but with radioactive material this means nothing of course. It’s near the sea, like Fukushima. I don’t know if you should live near this plant in 2012/ 2013.

Also notice the very strange shape like two breasts. This probably has some satanical meaning, I don’t know what. The engineers will have some ‘rational’ explanation for it. If you believe that why are not all nuclear power plants shaped like this?


Rabbi Rabinovich on the aftermath of WW III, speech January 12th 1952; “We may have to repeat the grim days of World War II, when we were forced to let the Hitlerite bandits sacrifice some of our people, in order that we may have adequate documentation and witnesses to legally justify our trial and execution of the leaders of America and Russia as war criminals, after we have dictated the peace. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO A RABBI.  And it even makes a little sense. They are super smart and wise, ordinairy people are annoying at best.


Of  556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State in 1918-1919: 457 were JEWS


The freemasons are real unlike the illuminati who don’t exist but who a lot of people know about through the music industry and the card game. A genius move by the rabbis. A lot of Zionist Jews control Hollywood and the music industry and they have them make all these freemason symbolism, the one eye and the pyramid are favourites that most people know by now.

This way the people that understand there’s something wrong and pick up the signs and investigate are distracted and don’t get to the rabbis. They get to the musicians that do weird things.  The illuminati card game also distracts them, it’s even called ‘the game of mutual distraction’!!

This is typical rabbi thinking, very clear, very abstract and therefore unfortunately very succesful. But we can also think. The illuminati was founded by the Jew Adam Weishaupt May 1 1776. He wanted to have countries run by intelligent people that were chosen by a select group of others, sounds like the founding fathers, instead of having Kings and Queens ruling countries by inheritance of the throne. He had a few friends helping him, sometimes he gave lectures, he struggled with getting enough finances for his operation.

Imagine this little organization that even struggled to get enough money to print a few brochures and give some lectures growing to something so big that it ruled the US 200 years later. So every member had to have children that also shared the same ideas for about eight generations, they all must have been very succesful in business and amassed a fortune to then organize everything and bribe 1000’s of politicians through the ages. Impossible, the illuminati do not exist but are a distraction.

Let alone think of the Jesuit order, who were founded by the Jews in Spain but are irrelevant now, the Catholic Church, infiltrated, corrupted, but not the real power, the templar knights or any other ‘secret’ society. Bullshit for a Dan Brown movie, very interesting, nice to watch but has nothing to do with real life. These people however do. You doubt they have power?


If you think of someone trying to take over the US and the world or people that want to kill you think of scary looking monsters, angry, evil. This might be true in some cases but in general psychopaths don’t look scary because they have an uncanning talent to see through us, sense our emotions and react to us in a way that we trust them.

A psychopath in an interview ‘within seconds I can win the trust of people by smiling and saying just the right words they want to hear’. Hmmm, makes you think? I hope so.

Think about all that ‘reliable’, ‘trustworthy’, financial ‘experts’ that sold us all our loans and investment schemes. Would you buy it from somebody that was dressed not so well, that was not so big and that didn’t smile to you? Let’s say it in other words, would you have bought these products from honest people that were not acting? Probably not.

The rabbis are psychopaths, the protocols of Zion are the most genius evil plan ever written in how to manipulate our emotions. The bible, whether you are a believer or not doesn’t matter, protects us against this. It tells us to be careful and not believe everything anybody is telling you. I never went to church, I’m not a bible fanatic, the bible also warns against overdoing things, but I can see that the bible has some equally genius rules only on the other side, the side of good.

So, taking in account the protocols of Zion and the bible we have to realize that they are a war between our emotions, our human nature. Ever noticed that Obama is tall? Romney is tall, Clinton is etc. You think that’s a coincedence? Of course not. We naturally feel respect for tall people and want them as our leaders because when we still lived in nature as half apes the world was super violent and a big leader meant safety. All these instincts and emotions are still locked deep in our system. The rabbis understand this per-fect-ly.

We also have to understand this.


Talking about nature. Where do psychopaths come from? Why do they exist? They have no feelings for us, easily kill us, even get happy from killing. You could say they are the children of Satan and it’s no wonder a lot of them worship Satan. If this seems stupid to you, again, doesn’t matter. So an explanation could be that God created them for Satan to test us. Maybe you believe in God and you think this could be the truth, ok.

There’s also the natural explanation. We want to survive as humans. When we lived thousands of years ago on earth it was a very violent place and it was very convenient to have some violent people in your group that would protect it. I don’t like violence, most people don’t, so if you had someone in your group that would want to fight intruders or wild animals this was very convenient. So from the point of view of evolution it makes perfectly sense that psychopaths exist! It would be strange if they didn’t.

The problem is that they were useful for our survival thousands of years ago but are extremely dangerous now, especially when all their knowledge and will to kill is concentrated in one powerful group as is the case with the rabbis. Ironic not?

We are about 99% to 97%, the psychopaths are estimated to be between 1 and 3%.

Can we beat them? Yes.

Is that easy? No.


I said before that we have a lot of emotions and they manipulate them through the Matrix so we destroy ourselves but they also have some emotions. One of them was wanting to talk about their super plans. They do this through movies and songs but there is one unrivaled source that reveals everything. It’s called ‘The illuminati card game’ with the subtitle ‘Mutual Assured Distraction’. Which means ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’ of course, they love word games.


  • In the Khaballah, or the Zorah, it says ‘if you share your evil plans with others even though they don’t understand them they will be also guilty and your karma is releaved’. W-O-W. Talk about typical rabbi logic.
  • It’s genius because people that understand there’s something wrong are lead in the wrong direction, towards the non existent ‘illuminati’ away from the very real rabbis.

Everything is on this card game, the protocols of Zion, Clinton, Gore, 911, Assange, distraction of too much television, Pentagon attack, stock market manipulation, housing crisis. It’s all ‘hidden in plain sight’.

911 the twin towers and the Pentagon. This game was first published in 1995 but Cohen already sang about taking Manhattan, guided by a signal, the beauty of our weapons in 1988. This is all planned a long way in advance and now we’re in the end game.

Remember the Japanese tsunami on 3 11? Look at the time at the clock, the Wako clock in Ginza, Tokyo, the people at the front are wearing kimonos.

Japan are the second enemy of the Zionist Jews because of their intelligence. Intelligent people have to be exterminated because they can stop their plans. The first attack on Japan is underneath. The atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Who was the project leader? The Jew Oppenheimer, what a ‘coincedence’, so many ‘conincedences’ with the Jews.. Who ‘warned’ America of Germany that supposedly was working on an A-bomb, which it wasn’t, the Jew Albert Einstein, what a ‘coincedence’.

Japan wanted to surrender but Roosevelt, hey another Jew from German descent Rosenfelt, field of roses, what a ‘coincidence’ asked for unconditional surrender, meaning that their emperor could be hung in front of the palace for example, anything was possible. The Japanese at that time still saw their emperor as a Godlike figure and they could not surrender this specific way. Then the bombs were thrown and Oppenheimer was reported to have reacted full of delight.

Only a psychopath wants to throw atomic bombs at children. I wrote earlier that the Zionist Jews are psychopaths and this is true. Who else would kill thousands of innocent children? If you like the above picture I congratulate you because you are a psychopath and you are winning, you can kill 100’s of millions in the near future. If you are not a psychopath you’d better start thinking.

Back to the present. Japan is really in very, very, very serious danger, see the cards above. Remember the accident at the nuclear plant in Japan? Apparently the Zionist Jews/ rabbis got the ‘atomic’ thing in their head after the succesful, in their eyes, attack on Japan with the two A-bombs and now this is the theme for Japan.

This speaks for itself, Hillary is more important than Bill. The whole ‘green’ thing of Al is just a scam. CO2 reduction, green projects, all designed to take control of money away from individual governments to the UN and to internationally cooperating agencies. Drain the West from it’s money, that’s one of their important pillars, anyway possible.

A lot of people always thought there was something fishy about wikileaks. Well, guess what, they were right.

Remember the protocols of Zion? Own the banks, own the media, bribe politicians, Aipac whores, it’s all there. It worked in Russia in 1917, it works now. RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT.

That was in the past. What is in the future? Well, a lot. They are going to throw everything at the US, famine, martial law, atomic attack, invasion, meteorite hit. Remember that they follow the bible. Why? Maybe partially because some of the rabbis really believe in it and think they cannot take control of the world any other way then in the bible, maybe some think it will help the Christians to think it’s all inevitable, which it isn’t. Who knows what the motives exactly are, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you are not the person on this card and now you do’n’t have to be, you can’t anymore, you know too much to wonder, you will know exactly who’s behind everything.

demonsThey want to follow the bible more or less. Why? To make it seem inevitable what will happen? Or maybe it has also to do with the fact that the Jews have written the bible? The first testament at least. Maybe it’s all good Jews versus bad Jews? The good Jews wrtiting the bible to protect the innocent, gullible people that they felt sorry for against the bad Jews who worship Satan. I don’t know. Maybe God and Satan are real, could be, I don’t know. I DO know that the Jews MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. They look at prophecies, the bible and then do things to make them happen. Does that seem like real prophecies? Not to me. Especially not when for example they are going to pretend a meteorite hit California and in reality it will be nuclear bombs, nothing ‘sacred’ or prophetical about that I think?

Anyway. ‘demons’ or will the be real? I don’t know, probably not, will be unbelievably terrifying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is still in store for us. Probably after another false flag attack like 911, maybe Hoover dam blown up, maybe something else, the state of emergency will be called. Fema law, other laws go into action and freedom is over.

This is a really interesting  card because it shows part of what will happen when revolution breaks out. It will be about killing the rich and the elite, who will still have money while 95% will be not regularly poor but poor and desparate and angry, that’s how you start a revolution. But it will also be about killing politicians/ government workers who will also be held responsible for the terrible state of the country. And remember, it will not be like it is now, imagine famine, martial law, maybe WW III and nobody caring about ‘the unemployment numbers’, only about getting food, imagine what will happen then. This card is very ironic because it predicts what will happen to the idiots that are now aiding  the Zionist Jews/ rabbis. No wonder they look down on Bush!

California has a special place in their master plan, more on this later. You have probably heard many, many times that California is on a fault line and that it’s only a matter of time that ‘the big one’ will strike. Now take a look at this card. It’s a nuclear weapon, their weapon of choice that they consider to be Jewish. The weapon that Oppenheimer loved so much. And on it is the American flag with the corner where California is gone. Well, after the 911, pentagon, Japanese earthquake cards it might be someting to consider. Also remember that they follow the bible concerning the end time and it says there will be big earthquakes. I would not be surprised if they will make this the biggest earthquake known to man that will literally shake the world. Conveniently the strange shaped San Onofre powerplant is situated near the coast so when nuclear bombs are used to move the fault line this will be an excellent cover up. Probably the strange form of the two boobs is also one of their jokes.

Other disasters to come, earthquakes, volcanoes is another card, but also a meteorite. Remember the flooding of buildings in the Dollar? There’s also a card with an earthquake ‘projector’. Is it far fetched to have some sort of microwaves that make the magma boil? Others think HAARP  generates earthquakes. Who knows. It’s not really important what generates the earthquakes.

This is also still in store for us. Population reduction. Why? Because the Zionist Jews want to rule the world openly from Jeruzalem, not secretely behind governments. That’s why they want less of the white race because the white race has foiled their plans for thousands of years, they don’t want that anymore and they’re not taking any chances, this time they do it thorough. What better way to reduce the white race then with nuclear bombs? The instrument Oppenheimer loved so much. As you can see in the other cards, the nuclear bomb is their weapon of choice, it’s their invention, their love baby. After WW III, the famine, revolution, killing, everything people will be relieved that a Messiah will come and tell them he will heal the world, they will thankfully embrace this person. Who of course will be the false prophet because they are executing their plans according to the bible.

You see how everything falls into place? Just keep thinking abstract and in clear plans like the rabbis do. Follow the bible, use the protocols of Zion, keep it simple and it works.

Of course the card game would not be complete without the bases of the plan, the protocols of Zion, also take notice of the little bit hidden six pointed star that is also on the flag of Israel. Remember, nothing has canged since they were first used succesfully in 1917 in Russia. Human nature can not change so radically over on 3 to 4 generations. Did you know that ‘speculant’ was a curse word in communist Russia? They built up an artificial speculative/ too much lending economy before 1917, just as now. RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT! JUST LIKE RUSSIA THE US AND EU HAVE TO BECOME DEATH CAMPS.


It’s heart breaking and sickening for me to tell you all this. but I have to because maybe by some miracle we can stop them although I’m afraid almost everybody isn’t wise enough to think it’s real but it is.

  • Russia’s genocide was real, there are pictures
  • Ukraine’s genocide was real
  • The genocide on the German POW soldiers was real
  • The genocide on 500.000 Iraqi children was real
  • etc.

But now they want to go all in. Probably even ufo’s are considered. Why do I say this?

1. It’s in the illuminati card game and this game has been extremely reliable! If it says something better take it extremely serious.


2. Kissinger is in Builderberg, the REAL helpers of the rabbis. He said that the Americans would welcome the UN, the world army from the NWO or better said NJO, New Jew Order, if they were afraid of something that they were told was an outside threat from beyond that was real or setup. That fits perfectly with ufo’s!!


3. On ‘the Cleveland show’ Cleveland says three things when the credits roll. ‘The government stabbed holes in the dykes before Kathrina’, this could be true, we don’t know but it’s likely. ‘911 was an inside job’, this is 100% true so whatever they let Cleveland say is something to take very serious. He also has said ‘the government is building spaceships’. I’m not saying it will happen but I’m 99% sure. And it will be impressive, expect enormous ufo’s that are miles wide and that can move at incredible speeds but also hover scary above a town. And extremely scary ‘aliens’ that have scary open wounds where the eyes and mouth should be. Remember, these people own Hollywood.



You heard that the moon landings were fake probably. And you probably thought that people who claim this are crazy? I thought the same, however, there are scientists that studied this carefully and they are convinced it’s all a scam, it was way too difficult in those days to go to the moon. I know it’s a tricky subject but you have to realize that the matrix is real and that you are in extreme danger. The moon landing was just a distraction. I AM TELLING YOU THIS TO HELP YOU. So don’t react brainwashed in a standard way and get hostile, like before, forget your emotions and stay with the facs, please think. In 2009 Japan took pictures of the moon with an orbiter, what they found out is at the end of this section. It’s not mentioned in our Zionist Jew owned media. But first why the moon landing was a hoax, a total scam.

  • The lem, the actual moon lander, never worked safely on earth, it was always in imbalance and crashed many times, up till two months before the moon landing Neil Armstrong had to escape the wobbly thing with a parachute seconds before it crashed. On the moon it supposedly operated flawless six times.
  • There is no crater from the lem on the landing spot and there is not one piece of dust on the lem which should have been covered with moon dust when it landed and blew up all of the moon dust.
  • The suits were thin nothings with a glass greenhouse as a hat with some bullshit cooling system. In the daytime it would get extremely hot on the moon, at least 200 Fahrenheit, and the ‘air conditioning’ suit could never protect them from such immense heat. Imagine the hottest driest summer day you experienced and then in a car and then 5 times hotter. And then some small tubes of water in a suit could cool them of? Scientists say it’s not possible.
  • The suits had to protect against radiation in the Van Allen belts surrounding earth, this is a protective band around the earth where all the radiation of space is stopped, what a blessing! the radiation is very high because it’s trapped there so it’s even higher then in space. The radiation is comparable to nuclear bombs and they would have needed about 6 feet thick walls on their spaceship to protect them. They had practically no protection. The ship had no protection against radiation, neither had the suits. If these suits were real they would be used in Fukushima for example, they are not because they are not real.
  • Space is full of ionized particles flying around, we are protected against this, the moon surface isn’t. The film that the astronauts used for making pictures should have been protected in thick lead containers or signs of particles would have been on the film everywhere. There is no sign of any particle whatsoever.
  • In an interview with a Russian space program scientist he said ‘of course we were afraid of radiation, that’s one of the reasons we did not go to the moon’. But Americans supposedly went to the moon without a care shouting ‘what a ride, what a ride’ when the lem launched them from the moon again, you can look up the movie fragment. And that’s supposed to be real?? ‘What a ride, what a ride’. Yeah, what a ride we were taken on.

Again like 911 and the holocaust we have to concentrate on the big things. With 911 there was molten steel flowing out of the buildings, Israel’s were caught driving bomb trucks and filming the towers before the first plane struck, they told so themselves on tv. With the holocaust there were no gas chambers and not 1 picture or  movie is taken while supposedly 6 million people died. A number that is in numerous newspaper advertisements in the 1920’s, that’s impossible  of course the number is made up.  The Germans made pictures and movies of everything, even of terrible killings in the Ukraine for example so they did not hide anything. If they really would have gassed 6 million people there would have been pictures and movies.  Stay with the big things, if you go to the smaller things of course they get more difficult to proof or disprove. If person A shoots person B and you have a motive, fingerprints and gun powder residue that’s it. Rational people will convict somebody for that. Only gullible people will be tricked into concentrating on trivialities that are impossible to proof or disprove and then think the conclusive big evidence with which they should have stuck also is inconclusive, it’s not.

That’s a a genius mind trick.


The Japanese sent a satellite to the moon in 2009. It orbited and made pictures of the moon, also the supposed ‘landing sights’ and guess what? Nothing. There is nothing. That’s a big thing, we don’t have to discuss it anymore, this is conclusive evidence. Why is it not in the mainstream media? Protocol of Zion, ‘control the media’. Who owns ABC, CBS, NBC etc.? All Jewish CEO’s.

Japan’s Kaguya lunar orbiter took several pictures of the site, where Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 supposedly landed in 1971 and 1972. If the astronauts had ever landed there, they should have left a lot of equipment on the site, including the rovers, on which they travelled on the surface of the Earth’s satellite. The pictures, which the Japanese rover took, showed not even the slightest hint of the US presence on the Moon.

And I don’t like to work with computers but I challenge anybody who’s really good at analyzing pictures taking a good look at the right ones. You will find the ‘footprints’ being a line drawn with the computer on the real picture later.


Before the Apollo 11, there we go again, ‘went to the moon’, 11 important people working on the space program got killed under suspicious circumstances, some critical astronauts where burned in their pods while strapped down with no logical cause fo a fire whatsoever, look it up, this is the truth. Apollo is their beloved Satan planet that they worship. The moon landing is on the card game underneath, the Zionist Jews/ rabbis card game that is meant to distract us so later we can destructed. The name NASA stands for SAtAN. The missing T is celeverly hidden in the logo, the way they love to hide things.

Look at this liair explaining the fabricated pictures of the ‘moon landing’. What computer program did they use to doctor these pictures? Look at his name, Noah. People, that is not a ‘coincidence’, that’s the games they play. They love these references to the bible, it’s a game. A game that is drawing to an end with WW III. The fake moonlanding was just a distraction.

The rabbis are geniuses in understanding our emotions and they use that against us. Underneath you find a picture of the moon landing on the card game. I know who to believe, this game predicted 911 and the Pentagon attacks, it has never been wrong, not one time!! Why? Because we live in the matrix and this is the script, they control what happens.

Also notice on this card how the words USA are lighted and how people that studied the pictures wondered how things in the shade of the extremely bright sunlight could be so brightly lit, most of the time this was the American flag or the words USA. They are really, really, really taking a ride with us.

Look at Neil Armstrong with the masonic flag, ‘on the moon’.

And here we have Buzz Aldrin, a 33 degree mason. It’s all a scam people.. They aided Satan, whether you believe he exists doesn’t matter, in distracting us so ‘he’, the Zionist Jews/ the rabbis and the masons, so they think, can take over the world. Now people that figured all this out say ‘yes, the moon landings were fake, they did it to pretend to have won the space race against the USSR, in the cold war this was really important’. WRONG, sorry. The title of the illuminati card game is Mutual Assured Distraction’. And the moon landing is on the card game. Furthermore the USSR was Jewish, communism is Jewish and in 1969 the Jewish influence on the USA was also very big. They really didn’t care who ‘won’ the space race. It’s all a game, distraction, towards the end goal MUTUAL ASSURED DESTRUCTION.


You know that Auschwitz means ‘outjoke’ in German/ Jiddish. But did you know that Al Qaeda means ‘outdoor toilet’ in Arabic? Why would the Germans name a camp witz/ joke and why would ‘Arabic’ terrorists name their organization the outdoor toilet? And why would an ‘Arabic’ terrorist organization use a Jew as their spokesman, Daniel Pearlman.

But their is more. At the morning of 911 the anouncement of the first attack was made just after a commercial with Batman where he said ‘things are heating up’, typical Jewish humour. But Batman is also the movie that was shown during the Aurora shooting where a visitor said he saw the shooter sitting between everybody else then picking up the phone and letting somebody in who did the actual shooting. Aurora is the name of the ship where the ‘Russian’ revolution started in 1917, this is no coincedence, remember RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT. In this particular Batman movie there’s a line told to a rich person ‘did you really think you could take so much and leave so little for the rest of us’. This is a clear reference to revolution of course. They put everything in your face, you just need to look and listen.

Then there’s the name Batman. You heard of Bar Mitzvah of course but there’s also Bat Mitzvah. Bar Mitzvah is for boys who are coming of age, Bat Mitzvah is for women. The name Bat generally refers to ‘daughter’ or ‘sister’ so Batman means daughter man, sister man, feminine man. And this makes perfect sense because the Jewish men talk a lot about the caucasian man being soft and feminin! And yes, this is true compared to them. So again, a word game which they like so much put in our face.

There are a lot of hints in American dad, a plane crashing in front of an American flag with 999 on it, the episode where Steve pretends to be a hero, somebody saying ‘America must die’, the episode where Stan gets old and climbs a mountain, a guy drawing a pyramid, the episode where Stan has to live on a few hundred Dollars. In the spin off the Cleveland show he says at the end of three episodes very quickly.

  • 911 was an inside job
  • the government put holes in the dykes before Kathrina
  • the government is building space ships

cleveland show inside job

The Zionist Jews own Hollywood so they can easily put these things in cartoons, even when the employees don’t know what they mean. Why do they do it?

  • in the Khaballah it says that if other people know about your evil plans, even when they don’t understand it, your karma is relieved from all the guilt
  • they are psychopaths and like to toy with the stupid prey

You decide what is more important for them, who knows.

Sometimes it’s not so subtle. Like in the Matrix. The movie is about us living in a Zionist matrix. And 911 is one of the most important events in their plan to rule the world. It is a corner stone of the police state/ martial law that they want for the US and it is a corner stone of WW III that they want to provoke between the Muslims and the West. So the Matrix and 911 are very much connected and yes, again they fabricate one of their little ‘jokes’. On the id of Neo it says 9 11 2001. What a ‘coincedence’.

It’s all a game to them. But a very well prepared game.

A more actual example. You know the Axe commercials? There’s a very strange one with an eartquake in a theatre, girls with angel wings, a girl rising to heaven, all very biblical. They also made commercials about revolution, anarchy and the most recent ones have more earthquakes in them and the line ‘happy end of the world’. If we take a look at the company who makes the commercials we come to the French advertising company ‘Publicis’ with the CEO Maurice Levy,what a ‘coincedence’. Maurice Levy received the International Leadership Award 2008 from the ADL, the Jewish Anti Deformation League. What a ‘coincedence’. You’re getting the picture? If you live in California you’d better take this very seriously, we all should, it says ‘end of the world’, not the end of California. Of course it will not be the end but they want you to feel like it will be, desperate people who don’t know what’s going on are easily controlled.

Also this ad, can it be more obvious? Note the new way and a devil sign. We are close to the transition period of the age of Jesus, the age of grace and mercy, going to the age of the devil, the fifth age. 

The new way meaning the way of the devil instead of the way of Jesus. Look at the text in the commercial ‘the space between the bright arms of a spiral galaxy have more matter than they appear to’. Then look at the spiral that appeared in Norway when Obama got the Nobel peace prize. Coincidence, of course, nothing like that has ever been seen on earth and it appears when Obama gets the peace prize. They are very busy with all sorts of things in the sky, they believe in heaven. And if you believe in all this or not. What does it matter? They believe in it or some of them do and they plan their actions so if you are very ‘smart’ and  ‘sophisticated’ and you say ‘that’s not possible’, ‘the devil doesn’t exist’, well, maybe your right, I don’t know. But what does it matter if you’re right? They still did WW I, WW II, 911 and soon many more things. Are you going to tell them ‘your motives are wrong so stop your evil plans’? It’s irrelevant.


Obama and Osama. Are you joking me? You think that’s ‘normal’, a ‘coincidence’? Zionist Jews ‘coincidence’ nr 2000? Of course it’s no ‘coincidence’, it’s all a set up.

obama osama

Their hallmark is to make things extreme and over the top. Well, this is extreme. The nr. 1 enemy of the United States was Osama while the president was Obama, right. Reminds me of 911 and the mural of the plane hitting the twin towers, the moon landing, global ‘warming’. They think that if they make it as extreme as possible the chances of being caught are actually smaller than when they try to make a sophisticated plan that is very low key.

Of course no normal person would do it like that but hey, it works, they are right again.

Somebody who traveled to the USSR in the nineties had a conversation with a communist who already then knew that Osama would be president of the USA. This woman who was a hardcore communist, not many of them left now, said some of the following things.

  • You don’t believe me, but he is real and I even know his name. His name is Barack. His mother is white and American and his father is black from Africa. That’s right, a chocolate baby! And he’s going to be your President.”
  • “It’s all been thought out. His father is not an American black so he won’t have that social slave stigma. He is intelligent and he is half white and has been raised from the cradle to be an atheist and a Communist. He’s gone to the finest schools. He is being guided every step of the way and he will be irresistible to America.”
  • He was from Hawaii. He went to school in California. He lived in Chicago. He was soon to be elected to the legislature. “Have no doubt: he is one of us, a Soviet.”
  • I made a comment: “If I remember correctly, ‘Barack’ comes from the Arabic word for ‘Blessing.’ That seems to be an odd name for an American.” She replied quickly, “Yes. It is ‘African'”, she insisted, “and he will be a blessing for world Communism. We will regain our strength and become the number one power in the world.”

This is hearsay, I like facts more, for example the 911 bomb trucks with the crazy mural that were mentioned in police reports, or the steel dripping from the twin towers, or the Japanese pictures of the moon with no sign of any moon landing, these are facts and I like that but this story fits in with Leonard Cohen who already in the late 80’s sang about 911. So I find it highly likely that the Russian rabbis who did the Russian revolution in 1917 also thought this one out, unfortunately because they are geniuses.


They want a ‘Pax Judaica’, a Jewish peace. This means that the Jews will rule the world unrivaled. And they want the ‘fifth age’.

Rabbi Rabinovich, January 12, 1952; ‘The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.’

Now you know why there is mass immigration in the US, why the borders are wide open and why since 2012 there are more dark babies born then white ones. And this is only peace time. Imagine what will happen when martial law is declared or when a foreign militairy power, organized by the Zionist Jews/ rabbis invades the US. What that will be is clear when you take a look at the game homefront, death, death and more death everywhere, killing, bodies. Take a look who’s behind the game, an investment company called ‘the trinity’ and a Jewish investor. 1 and 1? This is their psychopath fantasy of the US in the very near future. No, not possible you think. Well, then take in account Russia from 1917 where in a short time more then 50 million people were killed and the skulls and bones and bodies were piled up. This was not even 100 years ago, think about that.

And if you are dark and think ‘good’, better think twice. Better take a look at how the Palestinians are treated.

churchill vBesides that they want the ‘fifth age’, this is the time that the devil rules the earth. Remember, the bible says ‘beware of the false Jews for they worship Satan’. Remember the Khazarians. They fit this bill perfectly. So do regular Jews that secretly worship Satan too of course. Also the rule of the devil on earth is predicted in the bible. I take the bible very serious now because it teaches us so many logical wise things, for example to be aware of our emotions that can be manipulated by ‘the devil’, real or not, so we do evil and stupid things so I am scared I have to admit.

churchill rabbi saluteChurchill was a Jew and he made the V sign. You thought it stood for Victory but it didn’t. Just like his other hand sign he was again using a specific Jewish salute so rabbis who met on the way could recognize eachother. Now with the trick of the ‘illuminati’ to distract from the rabbis some popular artists are also making the sign. They think they can be part of the New Jew Order ruling the planet under Satan. I don’t know..

rihannaLook at Rihanna. She points at the V, there are all sorts of words written on her that probably tell something about what will happen soon. Maybe the Navy attacked in California? Also look at the Egyptian drawing. The pyramid, the one eye, often depicked in an Egyptian way. The Jewish Zionists owning the music industry. All coincedence?

They want to go to the fifth age, the age of Satan where the fourth age was the age of Jesus. The reasoning seems to be something like in the fourth age you could get to heaven by grace, you can sin but if you ask Jesus for forgiveness you can still go to heaven because he died for our sins. In the fifth age you can only get to heaven if you strictly follow the 10 commandments, practically impossible of course. And with all the millions of murdered gentiles in the fourth age I don’t know how that wouldn’t fit in the fifth age, WW I, II, Russia, that’s already fifth age stuff.


The most important thing is to talk about it openly because they want to do everything hidden. If everybody knows about their plans their power is taken away. If you know that Hoover dam will break and they will blame it on a terrorist attack and then it really happens you can not be manipulated anymore. Same goes for the California earthquake or London eartquake, which is also in the cards. Also they want to do everything hidden so nobody can blame them.

Remember that the Jews are kicked out of more than a 100 countries. They do everything hidden so they won’t be blamed, even if their plans fail they can still stay in their places of power and pretend to have nothing to do with it.


I’ve never been to church but it can not be a coincedence that the richest and most free countries in the world are in historically protestant countries, The believe that follows most closely the bible. Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, England and the US. So the bible must have some good influence on people and when you think about it, the ten commandments start with ‘thou shallt not kill’. That’s a very convenient thought if you know that other people live by this. Also ‘thou shallt not steal’ seems to be pretty nice if you know others will live by this.

I have only read the commandments, the virtues and vices and a few other things that stand out. To me that’s enough for now. The commandments are impressive as are the virtues modesty, gratitude, compassion for example. What kind of society would we live in if we practiced this more? Would we have gone to Iraq, Afghanistan, supported the Israeli overthrow of Lybia, Egypt, Syria? Also the bible warns a lot about slavery and corruption. Is there a more corrupt place then the US where the government consists of mainly AIPAC whores?

So if you’re an atheist and you look down on Christians think about this and work together with the Christians.

Remember the protocol of Zion ‘replace spiritualism/ the bible by materialism’? This has taken the bible almost completely out of the Western world.

I don’t even know if the bible is true but I do know that if we paid a little more respect to it and especially to the intention, not follow it to the letter, we would automatically live in a more free society and we would be better guarded against everything that is happening now. I know this for a fact because protestant countries, that have followed the bible the closest, are very free.


Obama is their puppet. You can count on it that everything he says in public that goes further then ‘how are you’ and ‘yes coffee please’ is thought over.

In Russia they killed 10’s of millions of white Christians. They worship Satan and hate Christians. So, you could expect references to Christians and yes, of course. Obama has said the following things;

  • ‘The United States is no longer a Christian nation.’ Meaning it’s no longer under the protection of God and cannot count on the mercy of Jesus and can expect the same faith as communist Russia.
  • ‘I am greater than God’. A sentence that is in the bible where it refers to the end time where the anti christ will say these exact words. Obama said it in the 911 monument, that by ‘coincidence’ looks exactly like a black pit. Remember revelation 911? For their king will be the one who is thrown in the bottomless pit, Satan.
  • ‘When the republicans say there is a conspiracy against Christianity in this country they are exactly right. We are going to change Christmas for a policy of it’s raining men’. This was meant ‘humorous’ but you should have seen Obama’s face, this was no joke, this was a promise. It means that Christmas or Christianity will be replaced with ‘the reign of men’. No longer will there be a God that looks over our country, men will be the highest ruler, just like in communist Russia.


I don’t know if there is a God, I don’t know if the bible is right. I do know that in essence we have always been fighting a battle between good and evil, most of the time without us realizing it. Underneath is how this has been fought for a long time in the Western world and how it should be fought, how good wins over evil. Yes, it’s about the bible, don’t be put off. Maybe you don’t believe in the bible and God, I also don’t know what to believe, however, for a fact I can see good and evil and for a fact I know that God’s rules protect us from evil. If you have doubts whether they are really from God or don’t believe it. Does that matter?

Remember the protocol of Zion ‘replace spiritualism/ the church with materialism’? The result is that we don’t measure our own actions and those of others against the ten commandments and the virtues and vices. This way Satan or evil, how you want to look at it, wins. If for example you get a job in a bunker where you control a drone and kill ten Pakistanis without a trial that is evil, you should have measured this against the ten commandments and the virtues and vices and should have refused, as should have anybody who’s not a psychopath. But the whole world is full of American soldiers fighting idiotic wars or supporting them through logistics, administration, material etc., so you all have sold your soul to the devil and you will pay the price later.

 The TSA, the drones, the military, it’s all meant for the American people, so you destroy yourself in the end. Exactly how ‘the devil’ or the Zionist Jews work, exactly. You think you are getting a good deal, you know something is not quite right but you pay no attention to it because the job pays so well and you like that, you don’t judge what you have to do by the ten commandments and the virtues and vices how you should and in the end you destroy yourselves. Exactly how the protocols of Zion work, use the weaknesses of the gentiles against themselves.

It seems that Christians talk a lot about ‘being tested by God’ right? Well, if you believe in God or not of course the world is full of possible actions where you support evil. Apparently we are not able to stop ourselves from acting in a way that is evil or supports evil and we need rules to help us. The rabbis understood this and took away the bible or better said, manipulated us in giving up the bible ourselves. Everything we do we do to ourselvers, evil, the Zionist Jews/ the rabbis only tempts us and then we make the stupid mistakes ourselves because of our vices, lazyness, pride etc. We are guilty, not the Zionist Jews/ rabbis, they only do what comes naturally to them. This is very important to understand. You can not blame the Zionist Jews/ rabbis for doing evil, this may sound strange but they have no feelings for us, a lot of them don’t even have feelings alltogether so how can they be blamed?






The near future CONCRETE.

  1. Economic crash triggered by the Fed.
  2. ‘terrorist’ attack at Hoover dam and or San Onofre power plant
  3. ‘meteorite’ and or ‘earthquake’ in California
  4. state of emergency declared, you can be arrested indefinitely without a trial
  5. Muslims blamed, WW III instigated
  6. America attacked with nuclear weapons
  7. Europe destroyed
  8. Zionist Jews/ rabbis instigate war between Israel, Iran, they win with their beloved nuclear weapons, take Jeruzalem, rule the world. End of story.

RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT, THEY WANT TO TURN THE US INTO A DEATH CAMP. How? By using the Protocols of Zion that worked so well in Russia and they are doing that. In Russia they endorsed lending and speculation before 1917, just like in the US now. Speculant was a bad word after the revolution, this must make you think. They own the Fed, the most important bank in the US and it will execute the last protocol before revolution and takeover and that is ‘make the debt so big that even the interest is impossible to pay and crash the economy’.

So, be prepared for an economic crash, triggered by the Fed where they pretend to ‘help’ you prevent it. Remember how they always turn things around? Don’t be deceived.

After that they want one thing, homefront. If you don’t know the game look it up on youtube. It’s about killing, killing, killing and more killing. JUST LIKE IN RUSSIA AFTER 1917!! The psychopaths dream and the rabbis dream. Look behind the company who made the game, always look behind things because they hide everything, a Zionist Jew invested and an investment company called ‘the trinity’, remember ‘trinitity’ from the Matrix? And from the Manhattan project, the nuclear bomb. They love killing but in peace time they also love to play all these little references games, all these hidden messages everywhere. Most refering to killing, the bible or some plans. The investment company trinity invested in homefront. The game is about killing and a communist system. Oh oh, are you getting it? Do you understand? What was communist Russia about? Who organized that all? What more do you need to know? THIS IS YOUR FUTURE. RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT. I said it a hundred times and it’s true.

People, this is the truth.

They want one thing, homefront, remember the pictures of all these poor Russians killed earlier? Don’t you think it looks eerily the same? If you don’t know the game look it up on youtube. It’s about killing, killing, killing and more killing. The psychopaths dream and the rabbis dream. Again, look behind the company who made the game, a Zionist Jew invested and a company called ‘the trinity’, remember ‘trinitity’ from the Matrix? They love killing but in peace time they also love to play all these little references games, all these hidden messages everywhere. Most refering to killing, the bible or some plans. The investment company trinity invested in homefront. It’s about killing and a communist system. What was communist Russia about? Who organized that all? What more do you need to know? THIS IS YOUR FUTURE.

You see the child behind the soldiers? His parents are shot in front of his eyes. Who puts these things in a game? Only psychopaths. A normal person can not enjoy this. You’d better start thinking really, really hard.

Mao “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” Resulting in the killing of at least 20 million. We have guns, we have a chance.


Michio kakiThanks to the help of National Geographic but also the other networks you are lead to believe the end of the world is coming with possibly. Especially that NWO rat Michio Kaku is scaring you left right and center. Nothing is too crazy for this guy, sun flares, earthquakes, floods, his buddy Al Gore’s phoney greenhouse effect. He is one of them. Remember what Jesus said ‘by their deeds you shall know them’. Of course there’s no piece of paper that says ‘congratulations, you found us out’, there never is.

  • earthquakes, they don’t tell you they are initiated by man
  • superstorms, they don’t tell you they are initiated by man
  • sun outburst that will crash all electric systems
  • economic crash, they don’t tell you it is initiated by man
  • super virus that kills millions
  • meteorite that kills 1000’s or millions, they don’t tell you it will be another scam
  • etc.

Well, some of these things might appear so what? We are men, or used to be, we can easily deal with these things. The goal of all this propaganda is.

  1. To give you irrational amounts of fear so that you take all these things to serious and don’t react like a man when they happen but flee and get scared and look to the government for help so they can take over.
  2. To distract you from the only thing you have to fear, a second communist regime like in the USSR that will kill 100’s of millions. RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT.
  3. To distract you from the only preparation you have to make. Prepare to defend yourself against a communist regime that wants to kill you like in Russia.

What can you do to prepare for that?

  1. Start militias. On your own you are nothing against a platoon of soldiers. In Russia they had the Cheka, look it up, it’s all true, that rounded up people, put them in camps and killed them. If you are in your house with a machinegun, a ton of food and 2000 l. of water and a platoon comes around the only result will be that they have more fun in killing you.
  2. Your only chance is to have groups of heavily armed and trained men. I give you all facts, facts, facts and this is an opinion and opinions should be limited because they can be wrong but I thought this over and over and over and I cannot think this being wrong in any way.

I like the big lines, just like the rabbis. They stear you one way through the Matrix, I steer you the other way. Let’s make it very simple, the abstract truth.


The righteous thing is that all the lefties, liberals and ‘trendies’ as Alex Jones calls them who defended all the Matrix ideas the hardest, emancipation, big government, phoney education etc. will be killed the easiest. They don’t think we need guns anymore, well we DO and a lot of them!! Get as many machineguns as you can.


This is really, really, really important. We are all connected now through the Internet. Every day we are contacting everybody, knowing all the ‘news’, it’s all propaganda to prepare you for being killed later but you feel connected to the world anyway.

Internet finishsedIf the Internet stops you will feel alone and helpless like almost never before in your life. The rabbis, geniuses as they are when it comes to our emotions, know this. And again, we go to the illuminati card game, the game that never lies, and surprise, surprise, what is there? The American government controls the Internet, they control the American government so Internet will stop at one point in the near future.

That’s why it’s also very, very important to have militias because you will feel empowered and in control in a group of 50 heavily armed men. Alone you will be nothing, you will feel scared, you don’t know what to do, you will have stress, you are a mouse for the cat. So if you only think I’m right for 10% also then, organize because suppose I’m wrong, you wasted some time with organzing, ok. Suppose I’m right, I know I am based on facts, not my opinion, and you did nothing, you will face the ultimate consequence.


They use the trick of the Protocols of Zion to have the emotions of the white race work against them. So they make up something preposterous but put so much spectacle in it that your emotion take over and you believe the whole thing instead of thinking rationally that it’s another preposterous over the top Jewish scam. Then they always make an incredible amount of money of it, the Jews love money, there’s no shame in liking money a little, who doesn’t but it should never be really important because then nihilism/ evil takes over and anything is possible. And lastly the scams always benefit the final goal of the Protocols of Zion, takeover of the world.

  •  Preposterous over the top events
  • Zionist Jews make incredible amounts of money with it
  • The plans benefit the longterm plan of taking over the world

 If we put this against the five biggest scams in our recent history the Zionist Jews fingerprints are everywhere.

hitler extremeThe nazis. Totally over the top theatre. A regular army would not act like this. It’s what the Zionist do, make an over the top sterotype, trigger the emotions of the cattle, the goy, us. Imprint it in our brain, brainwash us like is dictated by the protocols of Zion and profit from it. In this case by lending money to Hitler/ the German government for their war and by profiting from government orders. And it aided their long time plan to take over the world. Even notice how Nazi spells Zian, almost exactly Zion. Another one of their word games they love so much.

holocaust fakeHolocaust. People gassed, if it was real that would be terrible. They put pictures of starved people in front of us and yes, ding, ding, ding there goes the guild meter and the genius rabbis/ Zionist Jews knew it. Ding, ding, ding, guild up, rational thinking of and there we go ‘Jews are victims!!!’, ‘Germans are evil’. Not thinking about the Jewish advertisements of 6 million Jews dying in the 1920’s. Not thinking that there are no gas chambers, that Zyklon B is a cleaning chemical and totally useless for gassing, ‘oooh but it sounds scary, ooh ooh’, ‘let’s do like a woman and be scared a little’, ‘ooh, ooh’, not thinking, especially not thinking, we are very good at that. And good at paying, US paid about $100, this $ (!!!!!!!) billion to Israel, Germany $50 billon, maybe it’s a few $10 billions more, who knows. They got their Palestine, the end goal is Jerusalem from where they want to rule the world.

fraudsterMoon ‘landing’. The craft needed 6 feet thick lead walls to survive the Van Allen belts, the belts that protect us against radiation and that contain more radiation even then space because it’s all concentrated. This means 6 feet roof, left wall, right wall, floor, 12 feet of lead vertical, 12 feet of lead horizontal!! There was no landing crater from the Lem, there was no dust even on the Lem! Russians were terrified of the radiation but the American astronaut was shouting ‘what a ride, what a ride’ when the Lem lifted off from the moon, who believes that? In a craft that was instable and crashed all the time. The space suits had no protection against radiation or sufficient protection from the sun. And the Japanese made pictures of the landing spot in 2009, nothing. But hey, let’s not think, believe, that’s better. The budget was $40 billion, how many of the contracted companies were Zionist Jews owned I don’t know. The whole thing was a distraction while the Zionist Jews took over America. Remember the title of the illuminate card game ‘Mutual assured distraction’, where of course distraction really stands for destruction.

truck-with-painting1The moon ‘landing’ was a pretty good hoax, 911 was flimsy at best. Steel dripping out of the twin towers before they collapses, a sign of nano thermite, later scientists found tons of the stuff in the rubble. Jews were arrested in truck bombs with one of them having a drawing on it of a plane flying into the twin towers, talk about an over the top scam. Jews were arrested when they filmed the event and put up their equipment before the first plane hit. We can stop there, it’s crystal clear, this was a ‘terrorist’ attack but the ‘terrorists’ were not the Muslims. Silverstein made $7 billion on an ‘investment’ of $2 million. All the people killed? That was just a nice bonus. It’s not how I think, it’s how they think. Of course it was also very useful for instigating WW III between the Muslims and the West. So it also benefited their plan of taking over the world. 

al gore scumGlobal Warming. This also is on the ‘illuminati’ card game, Al Gore, the traitor, the freemason, hugging a tree, fooling us all with fake global warming. The MET institute in England proved without a shadow of a doubt that it’s all a scam. The earth is not warming, the temperature is staying pretty stable. But in this way the governments all over the world give money to the UN for climate projects and this helps towards ruining their economy and getting closer to one of the last Protocols of Zion, crash the economy. It also helps to rise food prices and create one of their favourite instruments, famine, because with the global warming hoax deranged low life scum are putting food in the fuel! Bio fuel is mixed with grain and corn. What a low life piece of trash do you have to be to not see that that is insane. But hey, we don’t see anything and the Zionist Jews are also making money of this scam of course, running the trading houses for the CO2 trades, getting consultancy fees and government money for running ‘CO2 neutral’ ‘inventive’ companies that ‘save’ the environment. We are stupid.. really, really stupid. They play with us, no wonder they call us the goy, the cattle.

syria fakeAfter Iraq, Libia, Egypt, Afghanistan the Zionist Jews now want to take Syria. The whole western press is bombarded with fake stories of some scary bodybuilder killers. Of course nobody sees the pattern and nobody of the whore journalists that don’t think ask questions. This is 100% over the top Zionist Jews/ rabbis psychology, playing with our minds. Some larger than life scary monsters with a tattoo of Assad. Please.

Hurrican Sandy was fake, probably made by HAARP, the system that can generate high pressure and low pressure areas, nothing too strange there, not so sophisticated technology, Tesla already invented this. Why is it fake? In the bible it says ‘by their deeds you shall know them’. If you find out things about what people do there is no note with ‘you found it out, congratulations, it’s like this and this’. Evil people always lie and they will never stop. So the only way you can know people is by what they do. Sandy was again over the top, hyped. In the news it was all ‘superstrom Sandy’. What superstorm? A little wind, what’s the big deal? Within a week Discovery and National Geopgraphic had documentaries about ‘the storm that shook America’. Bullshit. A little storm, nothing, but the hype was organized to get America to sign greenhouse bills later.

human skin lampTalking about ‘superstorms’. National Geographic, brainwashing you 24/7, immidiately dug up an old documentairy about a human skin lamp from…. a camp in Germany. The over the top camps with the over the top human skin lamp. You see HOW EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED?

Are you cattle when you believe all this over the top drama?

human lamp two

See how all these bigger than life Hollywood events are connected,

  • the holocaust
  • 911
  • a Jewish writer
  • National Geographic

THEY BRAINWASH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you deserve to be slaughtered if you believe all this? No, I don’t think so, they do, I don’t. Well, sometimes I get doubts. And this brings me to Alex Jones and Ron Paul.


Remember, it’s always the same, always the same protocols of Zion, always playing our emotions, it’s all very simple, that’s why it works. There are no conspiracies, there’s only one blueprint that is genius and that works over and over and over and over again because we don’t understand it.

alex jones ron paul traitorsAlex Jones and Ron Paul are on the illuminati card game and remember ‘the card game never lies’. So they are traitors. Jezus said ‘by their deeds you shall know them’. Because in general there’s no piece of paper when you figured everything out that says ‘congratulations, you have figured everything out, the traitors are this and this’. But their deeds of course do tell everything.

Alex Jones is always telling 99% of the truth. Psychopaths are often very charming people, the drones are meant for the American people, the government wants to kill you, get as many guns as you can. BUT.. He never says who’s behind it all although he is extremely smart and understands everything.

A very smart woman in England said on youtube ‘don’t hope for Ron Paul to help us, he is with the freemasons, his hand signs are clear’. And this very smart woman was right! Ron and Rand were financed by Jews, Schulz, was later found out. Ron Paul also told us some of the truth, less then Alex but some, we have to end the fed, get out of the Middle East. But he also never said that the Zionist Jews are behind everything.

Why are these intelligent people that seem so nice and tell us such big parts of the truth traitors? I don’t know. Ron Paul was actively warning against mass immigration, you know now it’s a Jewish plan. He was attacked for being a racist. Well, of course any sane person should be a racist, race is extremely important! The Jews are the biggest racists on the planet. Maybe Ron Paul was so dissapointed in his fellow white men, I know I am, that he thought if I can’t save you all I will save myself. Who knows? Maybe the same goes for Alex.

There was one incident in Alex Jones’ his show where he played a vid of Rahm Emanuel giving a speech saying ‘because of the terrorists we have to get the guns out of the American society’. Of course this is meant to kill you. Alex shouted ‘YOU ARE THE TERRORIST!!!’ He’s almost telling you the truth.


During the ‘cold war’ they pretended that the US and the USSR were enemies. But they were both behind the curtains ruled by the rabbis and Zionist Jews.

So maybe they do that now also. Pretend that China doesn’t like the US but it’s communist and communism is a Jewish invention. So maybe they still influence China behind the scenes. Who knows? Do they control the top of the triangle in Russia? I don’t know. I hope not. Putin is our only hope.

Remember, they are not on a side. They only want less gentiles, revolution to take over power, rule the world and world wars that aid all this. They often supported both sides, like in WW II, like with the ’68 revolution where hippies were surprised Rockefeller gave them money. One of the hippies said ‘they bought their own revolution’.


I don’t know if there’s a God. The bible could also be the writing of good rabbis who wanted to protect us, the stupid goyim, from the bad rabbis. They would be no psychopaths, see that other Jews are, see how intelligent but unwise the white people are and felt sorry for them wanted to protect them. Or maybe there is a God, I don’t know. However, the ten commandments and the vices and virtues protect us in a very good way against the Zionist Jews and the rabbis.

  • It teaches us to not let our emotions be manipulated.
  • You noticed how in the bible and other wise stories man is always tempted? The devil never says ‘do this’, ‘do that’ but let’s us make our own terrible choices because we want too much money are jealous, don’t feel empathy for people we take money from etc. So the rabbis really play the role of the devil, they manipulate us in WW I, II, borrowing too much, going against our own families, our own races, it’s terrible.

 But the bible is also more concrete in warning us.

  • My children I put you into this world as sheep among wolves. Can it be clearer? Are we taking notice? NO!
  • Beware of the false Jews for they worship Satan. CAN IT BE CLEARER????!! It’s in the bible and whether or not you believe in it, it’s a pretty big ‘coincidence’ don’t you think? Something to take really serious!!
  • Be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves. Isn’t that beautiful? Shouldn’t we know everything and not use this knowledge to harm anybody? Shouldn’t we know how the world operates?
  • Beware of wicked spirits in high places. In heaven’s name…. How clear do you want it?????????
  • Evil is wiser than good. Well, if anything is true. Look at the Protocols of Zion. It’s all about manipulating us without us understanding it. The bible warns but you don’t listen, listen.
  • They perished because the didn’t love the truth. Again, it can not be clearer!! You can not lie all the time. You can not be politically correct all the time, it’s a lie, and if you keep lying and lying you will destroy everything and make from heaven on earth hell.

You can not go through live believing everything the government, high places, tells you and expect that everyting will be ok. This is the word from God. Or maybe it’s from the smartest Jews that are as smart as the Zionist Jews and rabbis that want to take over the world and that wanted to protect us. I don’t know, maybe both is possible, I don’t know.


Hoover dam blown up, San Onofre power plant, big earthquake in California, martial law, WW III, nuclear attack on America, maybe even a fake ufo attack, one of these ‘over the top’ Jewish schemes. Who knows?

I explained it to you crystal clear, with evidence. Accept the truth, do something and live. Do nothing, keep believing the lie and you will perish.


What? Why would I say that? Because I’m disgusted with the Europeans. They all stumble over each other to be the most political correct, stumble over each other to shout racist!! at anybody who thinks it’s not a good idea to have Europe overflown with black people. And even the ‘right wing’ doesn’t do anything. They deserve it.

If you compar their behaviour to US it’s a world of difference

  • at least some Americans can see the truth
  • at least some Americans can think logically and see that big government means danger
  • at least some Americans still have guns, in Europe only Swiss, who are not in the EU, have guns
  • in Europe practically everybody sings the same politically correct tune, and if they don”t they still don’t want to see that Israel, the rabbis and the Zionist Jews are behind everything
  • at least in America people talk about Aipac, in Europe nobody talks about the pictures of van Rompuy and Barosso with the rabbis.

So they deserve it, I’m sorry. ‘They perished for they did not love the truth’. If your only obsession is with not being a racist, which we all are, and to only say politically correct bullshit, then by all means, please die, you deserve it.

Forget Europe, finished. World War I, the Zionist Jews get Palestine, WW II, the Zionist Jews get the state of Israel, all pre announced, organized wars. Now, the European Union was meant to prevent France and Germany from again fighting but they never really fought out of themselves, the whole thing was set up by the Zionist Jews, so using logic, ww I and II, the reason for the EU, were a plan of the Zionist Jews so of course the EU itself is also a plan of the Zionist Jews/ rabbis and the plan is to have a EUSSR.

  • WW I, the Zionist Jews/ rabbis get Palestine, a setup.
  • WW II, the Zionist Jews/ rabbis get Israel and a lot of people from Germany that want to live there, a setup.

The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago printed in its issue of 8 October 1940: ‘When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this war is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.’


A European Union that is communist because as you know by now, RUSSIA IS THE BLUEPRINT. So this will mean first poverty, then revolution and then a communist government followed by an enormous slaughter of at least a hundred million Europeans, just like we saw in Russia. Why would it be any different now? It’s not even a hundred years ago that the rabbis took over Russia, three generations. Then they killed an estimated 50 million. In only three generations of very tight jew marrying jew these psychopath genes are not replaced, never, so the actions of the rabbis or Zionist Jews that now take over Europe will be the same.

And the plan is already in high gear. Remember the song ‘First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin’? Manhattan meaning the US and Berlin meaning Europe. The US is taken through 911 and the following ‘safety’ measurements like the TSA and later drones and the army that all will be used against the American people. Europe is conquered

  • through the EMS
  • through a new law taking effect on 12 12 12, there’s their fingermark, putting the EU above national parliaments when it comes to making budgets

by the EMS, the , this ‘guarantees’ loans of Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal through money of a few wealthy countries of which Germany is the most important one. And already Germany had to pay billions to this EMS and had to guarantee billions more. All it’s wealth will be taken, poverty will follow, famine, revolution, just like in 1918, remember the Jewish revolution in Germany where Bavaria was for a few days called the independent communist Bavaria? This time they will succeed because the EU will take all of Germany’s money through the EMS. The puppets are in place.

  • Monti, Goldman Sachs
  • Draghi, what a ‘coincedence’ both worked with the Jewish company Goldman Sachs
  • in France you have Hollande who is probably a Jew or works with them
  • then we have in the Netherlands Samson who is 100% Jewish and even recently changed his name to Samsom to hide this fact
  •  and then we have the old communist Merkel, remember communism is Jewish
  • Van Rompuy, friend of the rabbis, see underneath
  • Barosso, also a communist, also under great influence, communism is a Jewish invention 

Everybody’s in place and the Europeans? Dream, dream, dream, everybody’s nice, everybody means well, let’s not give the bible two seconds of our time, maybe there’s wisdom in there, wisdom that can save your live, no, let’s not do that.

Let’s give our guns away, everybody parrots very ‘wisely’ against each other ‘the monopoly of violence belongs with the state’, everybody means well so let them have a million machine guns, tanks, grenades and the people nothing, is that maybe dangerous if you think about it? No of course not.

Europe, you are in for a surprise and you deserve it? I should not think that way but if you are that stupid, that gullible, that you so easily give all power to a government that can be used against you/ I don’t know.

Mao “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” Resulting in the killing of at least 20 million. They have no guns, they have no chance.


I gave you all facts, quotes from the Torah that you can check. Facts about Hitler. Scientific facts about 911. The logical way things are connected. Now my opinion, maybe you have better ideas. This is about the white race or the gentiles, not about you or me. But I would think it’s useful to

  1. let as many people as you know learn about this and talk with as many people that you can about it. Why? They want to do everything hidden. Apparently they have a very good reason for that and if we spoil that logically it will aid to spoil their plans
  2. contact the media, local and nationwide. Remember protocol of Zion ‘control the media’? Many of them are on their payroll, playing their game but not everybody. In the beginning of 911 a lot of reporters were as shocked as anybody, only after about half an hour very clearly a script was played everywhere.
  3. think and act like a genius rabbi. They have their ‘ace in the hole’, the pyramid, they only influence people at the top. So, do the same. Send this youtube link to influential people with your opinion. Why not? We are all people, politician, president, you, me. They work this way to destroy us. Don’t we also have the right to work this way to save ourselves? You will be surprised how little some politicians know about all this.
  4. The state politicians, representatives, senate, are probably the least infected by all of this mess and the most open to preventing poverty, revolution and war.
  5. contact Putin/ Russia/ the Duma. A lot of Western politicians can not think anymore, they have a lot of money, watch the mainstream news, that’s it. They can not think in terms of what is all described here. Putin/ the Russians can. But a lot of Russians don’t know about the protocols, famine, revolution, tricked into WW II, the blueprint, although it all happened to their country!! Why not contact them? Ordinairy Russians, that are the nicest people you will ever meet, and politicians. Russia is very important in the plans for WW III.

When enough Russians understands that WW I and WW II where a setup and WW III is instigated, no WW III.


I’m talking about a blueprint because as you know they do everything by blueprints that worked in the past, protocols of Zion, instigate war, famine etc.

PutinConnected to this is the ‘ace in the hole’, the triangle. Society is ruled by a small group at the top, control that group and you control the whole society. They control Obama and congress. Also remember that the Jews always want to influence both sides in a conflict. So do they also control Putin and the Duma? They want to instigate WW III between Iran and Israel where Europe and the US will support Israel and China and Russia Iran. Then approximately 3 billion people die and the proportions between the gentiles, non jews, or goy, cattle, and the Zionist Jews that rule the world will become more in their favor. The EU and the US don’t have so many white people anymore because of mass immigration, after WW III there will be even less left, and the industrial base has been moved to China so they can not recover after WW III and they will easily be controlled as poor communist societies, just like Russia in the past.


Now. Do they control Putin? I don’t know. I do know that Putin looks as Russian as possible, there’s no doubt he has Russian genes. The Jews think in these terms, remember ‘I have been an American for sixty-three years, but I have been a Jew for 4000 years’ Rabbi Stepen Wise. Now for over hundred years we have been tricked into fighting wars against each other. If Putin breaks this pattern and for the first time a world leader doesn’t play ball but attacks the instigators instead of being tricked in attacking another white race he can prevent WW III, or at least it being fought between white races and prevent all of the misery, mass murder and other wars that the Zionist Jews have planned for us.

If he breaks this cycle of mass murder and unnecessary instigated wars I consider him to be the greatest man that ever lived after Jesus.

If he’s a psychopath he will not be on the side of good but I don’t think he is. Ever noticed how Bush, Clinton and Obama always smile? They are always in the same mood smiling,  making them seem very sympathic. Psychopaths have an uncanny talent to understand our emotions and project an image that we want to see. And they do seem sympathic. But this is just a charade, a masque, it means nothing.

Putin on the other hand rarely smiles but he does sometimes and sometimes he’s angry or emotional. He seems like a real person. He has also kicked oligarch Zionist Jews out of Russia. So there’s hope? I don’t know.

  • There are rumours he’s with the Jews.
  • There are rumours he’s against the Jews.

 He’s also very smart. If you read some of his speeches he condemns the aggression of the US. However, we have to think of ‘playing both sides’, that’s what the Zionist Jews do. We also have to think of Hitler and Lenin who had a 1/4 Jewish genes. Also there are rumors this is the case with Putin. Well, I might have some Jewish relatives somewhere in the family too and have some Jewish genes but I care about wrong and right, not Jewish genes or no Jewish genes. These Jewish genes are only a small part of the whole pack, maybe it’s the same with Putin, he looks super Russian so he has 100% guaranteed Russian genes.

I really believe Putin/ Russia is our only chance and we have a right to ask mr. Putin to prevent WW III.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Russia or know Russian people, they are extremely kind and calm. Disregard the extreme youtube vids of drunken Russians, that’s only drunken young men and not representative of the Russians. It’s no wonder that they were the victim of the rabbi revolution of 1917. If you’re calm and kind then unfortunately you are not capable of fighting evil very well. To put it in an old fashioned, naive way, they are soft hearted good people. It would be crazy if the Americans and Europeans would fight them, again.. So let’s hope Putin is on the side of good.

A personal request to Mr. Putin. Who knows if he ever sees this, please avenge these poor boys.



  • French revolution, famine, one of their favorite weapons, ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’ promoted in an extreme way like the protocols of Zion prescribe.
  • Russian revolution, Marx Jewish, Lenin partly Jewish, first communist government >75% Jewish. Cheka murderers Jewish. Gulag guards Jewish.
  • Ukranian famine, their favorite, communist Jews.
  • Armenian genocide.
  • Mao.
  • WW I, the Zionist Jews get Palestine.
  • WW II, the Zionist Jews get the state of Israel.
  • 911, Jewish Israeli’s arrested in truck bombs, Jewish Israeli’s arrested ‘filming the event’ before the first plane struck.
  • etc. etc. etc.

The list is endless.


Don’t listen to me, listen to them.

Facts. They tell everything themselves.

“The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world. What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia …shall become a reality all over the world.”
The American Hebrew September 10, 1920

“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain destroyers forever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will forever destroy because we need a world of our own.” – Maurice Samuel ‘You Gentiles’, P. l55 Harcourt, Brace. 1924

“White people are the cancer of humanity” Susan Sontag, jew

“The best among the Gentiles deserve to be killed.” Talmud, Rabbi Simeon ben-Yohai

Facts. They were arrested on 911 with truck bombs and filming the first plane that hit the twin towers, putting up all the equipment before the first hit.

Facts. They put laws through congress taking our freedom, putting drones in the sky and making this a prison camp in case of ’emergency’.

  1. 911, the trap is built
  2. NDAA, the trap is set
  3. Next false ‘terrorist’ attack, the trap shuts, martial law

This isn’t rocket science. It’s crystal clear what’s going on.


us flagWhen I discuss this with Americans they always listen, in the end they say something like ‘I knew there was something wrong, I didn’t know it was so widespread, I’ll talk to other people about it’. Ok, fine.

russian flagWhen I discuss this with Russians they are shocked, they don’t know their history, I don’t want to discuss it with them but we have to do something. All are shocked, some even cried. Our history is changed, their history is also changed. The rabbis/ Zionist Jews use blueprints that work.

eu flagWhen I discuss this with Europeans they interrupt all the time, they don’t want to listen and in the end they call me Nazi, racist and they even get angry at me who wants to help them. ‘Great’, what you can expect from brainwashed people who can’t think for themselves. The protocols of Zion worked again, remember ‘brainwashing’ is one of the protocols. If I say ‘we need guns just like in the US and Switzerland so we can never be killed easily by our own government’ they laugh and say I’m crazy and that ‘the monopoly of violence belongs to the government’, as all ‘higher educated’ learn at university.

Could it be that many of the rational thinkers, risk takers and independent thinkers went from Europe to the US and the gene pools have different features?

My conclusion, if you take this all serious, as you should, don’t waste your time on the Western Europeans, let them go to hell in a handbasket, it’s a waste of time. If you spend a day talking to 1 Western European he will only fight you, a day wasted. In the same time you can talk to 5 independent thinkers from the US, Eastern Europe or Russia. Well, that’s my experience anyway. China, Japan, Middle East, I don’t know. 


good tryYou maybe think they are incredible geniuses and with them following the bible everything is set in stone? Maybe, I don’t know. But don’t we have a right or even the obligation to do something? What if everything is not set in stone. They failed several times in instigating WW III during the communist era.

A failing of their plans is a possibility I guess, I don’t know, but they themselves take this in account I guess. On this card is written, ‘good try, too bad something went wrong’.

So, their plans could probably fail. It almost seems impossible, they are so well organized and so little people understand but who knows.


when their plans succeed we will live in hell on earth, hundreds of millions of innocent men, women and children will die and I will moan them. However I am not Jesus. The middle and lower class phonies with their phony college degrees and phony government/ political/ army jobs will get what they deserve and I will not shed one tear for you, you have betrayed your race, your country, your fellow men and women by living of them through taxes, you have betrayed all these innocent killed people in the Middle East for a government job, not for defending ‘freedom and liberty’, please. In the bible it says ‘they perished for they did not love the truth’. If you go to Vietnam or the Middle East you have an obligation to learn the truth, not government propaganda. You have betrayed everything that’s good and decent and if you do not change your ways you get exactly what you deserve.

Mao “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party.” Resulting in the killing of 20 million.

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